Baby Artful Dodger enlisted to steal £700 pram from King Alfred

Posted On 29 Jun 2015 at 6:48 pm

Do you recognise this couple? They are believed to have stolen a Bugaboo pram, worth £700, from the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Hove.

pramtheftPC Grant Hebblewhite said: “CCTV reveals that they used one of the young children they were with to push the pram into the lift before the woman was seen pushing it out of the building.

“The theft took place just after 7pm on 24 June. If you recognise the couple or have any information please contact police on 101 or email quoting serial 1635 24/6.”

  1. Chris Reply

    £700 for a pushchair!!!! No wonder a lot of people insist on blocking up the aisles in shops and restaurants with them. Seems like more money than sense to me, especially when it’s only going to be used for a relatively short period.

    • Hana Reply

      More full them for leaving a bugaboo bee 3, i presume it is, unlocked in a public place.. shldnt hace been stolen still but no way would i have left mine like that x

      • Levi Reply

        You dont have no choice. I personally take mine right through wether the like it or not, but clearly some people dont want to argue with the staff.

  2. Simon Reply

    Definitely in the same thinking as comment above . Not sure who needs locking up the most . Those who spend £700 on a push chair or those who steal one . .
    £700 pounds I just can’t get over it . do they push it up and down the seafront with the hood down and the stereo turned up?

  3. Joe Stains Reply

    More eastern European ‘enrichment’

  4. honey Reply

    There is a huge sign at Kind Alfred saying dont leave your shoes and belongings here…… cue 1000s of shoes and crap lying around. More fool them for leaving their shite lying around.

  5. sasquatch Reply

    Nice to see so many sympathetic Brighton citizens! I bet you’re the same type of
    politically correct paupers who welcome these eastern europeans in one day only to be robbed by them the next. Still, its their human right i suppose.

  6. Marlon Webb Reply

    Is this what our City has come to? If you pay out for something which is more money than others pay you deserve to have your property stolen? No one has the right to take what is not theirs regardless if it is 1p or £1,000,000.

    Some of the people who commented on here should take a good look at themselves

    • sasquatch Reply

      You are so right marlon. My sentiments exactly.

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