Brighton bus crash driver reported feeling unwell at start of his shift

Posted On 07 Jul 2015 at 5:04 pm

The driver of the bus that crashed in Brighton yesterday reported feeling unwell at the start of his shift.

He started driving only he said that he felt better, Brighton and Hove Buses managing director Martin Harris said this afternoon (Tuesday 7 July).

Mr Harris said that the driver was not believed to be feeling unwell as the result of an existing condition.

He said: “We are continuing to follow the progress of our driver and of the passengers injured in the incident.

Bus crash 20150706“This statement will, however, focus on the progress of the investigation.

“The company has conducted a thorough investigation using CCTV, telematics data, eye witness statements and the statements of our own staff involved yesterday.

VOSA and Sussex Police have conducted a thorough investigation of the vehicles involved in the collision during the course of today.

“It has been indicated that they have found no issues with the operation of the service 5 bus that collided with the bus in front in North Street.

“These investigations are ongoing so it would be premature of me to draw any conclusions and I cannot prejudge the final outcome of the investigations by either the police or VOSA.

“I can confirm that the focus of our investigation is now primarily on the health of our driver at the time of the accident.

Martin Harris

Martin Harris

“We have gathered statements from drivers and supervisors who were in contact with our driver before he commenced driving yesterday, viewed CCTV footage and reviewed information about his general health and condition following yesterday’s accident.

“We have investigated the allegations made by some people regarding our response to our driver’s health on the morning of the incident.

“The allegations that he was pressured by the company to work after earlier feeling unwell are unfounded.

“I will naturally keep personal health details confidential. Our driver did report to a supervisor that he did feel unwell at the time he was due to commence his shift.

“Our supervisor correctly advised him not to commence his duty and to advise whether he felt able to drive or not later.

“Our driver subsequently, and of his own volition, reported back to a second supervisor, advising that he then felt fine to drive and would commence work.

“He then commenced his service approximately one hour later than scheduled as a result of being able to take this break.

“He then appears to have become ill again about an hour and a half into his driving.

“We have been advised subsequently that investigation into the cause of our driver feeling unwell at this point indicates a condition of which he had no previous history.

“We are seeking confirmation of this point.”

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