Hove-based YouTube star defends £7m earnings

Posted On 15 Jul 2015 at 10:26 am

A Hove-based YouTube star has defended his £7.4m earnings last year after a barrage of online criticism.

Norwegian gamer Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, had YouTube’s most popular channel last year with more than 4bn video views and ending the year with more than 33 million subscribers.

His 2014 earnings were published in a financial filing in Sweden by PewDie Productions, which prompted some to question if he deserved the money – so he responded with the following video:

In it, he says he’s avoided talking about money as it’s not important to anyone, adding: “I knew people were big at other types of videos, but there was no one big in gaming, and I didn’t know you could make money out of it.

“It was never like a career that I could just quit college to pursue. it was just something I loved to do. And here we are five years later and it’s exploded.”

PewDiePie is not the only YouTube millionaire living in the city. Earlier this year, beauty vlogger Zoella bought a £1million five bedroom house in Brighton, having moved to a flat on the seafront here last year.

  1. Nathan Reply

    What’s the problemproblem, I earn my wages doing the job not as much as he earns but it’s thousands a month. He works bloody hard I’m one of his subscribers. His awesome, leave him alone, your just jealous of his earning.

  2. daziel jones Reply

    I would say anyone negatively commenting is simply guilty of envy….

  3. paul Reply

    I can’t believe you can make this much money playing games or just talking crap but if you can and nobody gets hurt and I don’t have to watch or listen to them, good luck to them..

  4. Norwad Norwesen Reply

    lol norwegian

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