Bulldog pledges to stop ‘few individuals’ spoiling bar for everyone

Posted On 04 Aug 2015 at 11:17 am

The Bulldog bar says it will work with police to stop the “few individuals” who have

BulldogPolice told the St James’s Street venue, Brighton’s oldest gay bar, it would be seeking a review of its licence on Friday, just before the Pride celebrations kicked off.

On Monday, they announced they were seeking the review following a string of sex attacks both inside and outside the venue, as well as concerns over underage drinking.

Yesterday afternoon, the management thanked the hundreds of people who had signed a petition calling for the venue not to be closed.

In a post on Facebook, they said: “All feedback is greatly appreciated. Management and staff care very deeply for this venue, We have a very open policy and welcome all.

“Unfortunately a few individuals have had to spoil this and we are working hard with relevant authorities to rectify the situation.”

The review will be conducted by Brighton and Hove City Council’s licensing committee, which is responsible for the venue’s alchohol and entertainment licenses.

The bar has been given 28 days to respond to the concerns raised by police, who have been called to the venue 48 times since the beginning of last year.

Yesterday, Brighton and Hove commander Chief Superintendent Neville Kemp said while he was sensitive to the timing of Friday’s notice, he had decided not to delay issuing it as it was even more important the bar was run responsibly over the busy Pride weekend.

He said: “The timing has nothing to do with Pride. I did however consider how it may appear, but given the consistent breaches of their conditions and the ongoing risks being posed to the public because of the irresponsible way in which the premises was being run, I felt that it would have been irresponsible to have delayed it because of Pride.

“In fact, I hoped that not delaying serving the letter on them, may have meant that unlike previous warnings, which have not led to improvements, this time they may make tangible efforts to run a safer premises over what is of course is an exceptionally busy period.

He added: “I am a strong and steadfast supporter of LGBT issues, and equality and last year voluntarily took on the role of LGBT Champion for Sussex Police.

“There is no way that I would ever allow any discrimination of a premises or person because of they are LGBT or because their association with anything LGBT and I think Sussex Police bigger than ever support for Pride this year helps demonstrate that.”

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