Brighton & Hove Albion: Stockdale won’t over celebrate if Albion score against Ipswich

Posted On 27 Aug 2015 at 10:49 pm
By Tim Hodges from the Albion Press Conference

Seagulls keeper David Stockdale told Brighton and Hove News this lunchtine that he won’t jump around like a maniac even if the Albion score another last-minute winner at Ipswich Town on Saturday.

Stockdale was reflecting on his subdued reaction to Albion’s late winner at Fulham.

As reported by @bhcitynews at the time, the Seagulls stopper said: “I have respect for the club (Fulham) that brought me out of League 2 and gave me a chance.

“It will be the same on Saturday. They have all showed me respect and showed me a lot of respect when I have been there.

“With old clubs I feel that if the time is right to celebrate, perhaps if you haven’t had such good time there and have a point to prove … but Fulham wasn’t one and Ipswich won’t be another.”

Stockdale also discussed his goalkeeping colleagues, saying he loved working with coach Ben Roberts. He said: “I have known Ben for years through the goalkeeping ranks and although we have never worked together (prior to Albion) we always kept in touch at games.

“His reputation always came before him. It’s a surprise he stayed in the Championship.

“He could have gone further as he is showing now with his methods and it’s benefiting me and Niki (Maenpaa) and he’s pushing me.

“Christian (Walton) has gone out on loan but he will benefit him and even down to the Under 16s when they train with us, he makes it fun and adapts it for different people.”

Stockdale also has some kind words for his first team rival Maenpaa, saying that he was delighted he had made some good saves on Tuesday against Walsall, adding: “If Niki is doing well when I’m not playing, the club is doing well in goalkeeping terms.

“And if I see him doing well, I want to do well so it all knocks on.

“If I am not playing although I may not be happy I will still be rooting for whoever is and hoping that we get the end product we are looking for this year.”

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