Student protest stops Brighton traffic

Posted On 02 Dec 2015 at 1:34 pm

A student protest has stopped traffic through Brighton today as it marches through Valley Gardens to Falmer Campus.

Today's student protest by NCAFT

Today’s student protest by NCAFT

The demonstration, against the end of a cap on student fees, assembled at Victoria Gardens shortly before midday.

At 12.38pm, about 50 students began to march north, passing the Lewes Road bus garage at about 1.10pm.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Police are attending a protest by students in Brighton, which gathered at Victoria Gardens, Marlborough Place around 12 noon on Wednesday (December 2) and has moved along Lewes Road towards the University of Brighton.

“Officers had been made aware of the protest and were in place at the start, but no organiser has been identified allowing liaison to take place as to the participants’ intentions and likely route.

“Police estimate that there are currently 45-50 taking part.”

However, not all students are happy about the demo. One, Chris Jay, tweeted:

  1. martin lawrence Reply

    Impose a student levy , these students pay no council tax and nor do their landlords -1776 HMO’ licences have been granted since 2012 coupled with the student accommodation developments at London Rd Co-Op , the Astoria , the old fruit market , the gyratory , hollingdean road Lewes Rd Barracks , Students make up 13%(39k) of the population and pay nothing towards the city’s upkeep

    • The Dirty Pants Cowboy Reply

      Excellent points. In my street students dump ridiculous numbers of black bin-bags outside their houses, and pay nothing for the removal of them. All the students in my street drive cars, and hold parties (until 5am) throughout the week. They are more than capable finacially to pay at least some amount of Council Tax

  2. geoff Reply

    They’ve stopped at Mithras House for the time being.

  3. geoff Reply

    on the move towards Falmer again

  4. Simon Reply

    Cap the fees!!

    Then I can put my rents up 🙂

  5. Gerald Wiley Reply

    So these 50 geniuses, probably taking subjects of no real career value, didn’t realise that they could have got a real job instead of skiving for 3 years snd then not had the fees to pay back?

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