One in 20 Brightonians signs anti-Trump petition

Posted On 30 Jan 2017 at 10:15 am

More people in Brighton Pavilion have signed a petition calling for a ban on a state visit by US President Donald Trump than anywhere else in the country.

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington. By Gage Skidmore from Flickr

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington. By Gage Skidmore from Flickr

As of 10am, 5.5% of people living in the central Brighton constituency had signed the petition demanding that Mr Trump should not be invited to meet the Queen because his “well documented misogyny and vulgarity would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty”.

A protest is also being held today against Mr Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban”, an executive order suspending travel to the US by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, at Brighton Town Hall at 6pm. So far, 1,800 have indicated they are going on Facebook – although typically protests attract fewer people than register on Facebook events.

The number of UK citizens signing the petition, which was started yesterday morning, has just tipped 1 million, and is still continuing to rise at a rate of scores of signatures every second.

The number signing in Brighton Pavilion has now reached 6,000 signatures, which 4,000 have signed in neighbouring Hove – 4% of constituents.

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas pledged on Twitter last night to do all she could to ensure the petition was debated, which it became eligible for when it reached 100,000 signatures.

In a letter signed from Green party leaders published in The Guardian today, she said: “It is mortifying that the prime minister was photographed hand in hand on Holocaust Memorial Day (The new special relationship, 28 January) with a US president who, later that day, signed an executive order placing an immediate ban on immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries and all refugees entering the US.

“These measures are a barbaric attack on Muslims in the US, from the countries which are now banned and on all Muslims around the world, stamping upon all principles of liberty and civil rights and undermining the value system on which all our democracies are based.

“As UK Greens we are ashamed that the highest elected official of our country visited the US during this time and then spectacularly failed to take a serious stand against such hatred.

“We call upon our prime minister to condemn the order in the strongest terms. Half-baked statements simply aren’t good enough. All who value human rights must stand up against this alarming act, the rise in hatred it represents and these clear stirrings towards fascism.”

In Brighton Kemptown, which includes the Tory strongholds of Peacehaven and East Saltdean outside the city, almost 3,000 people, or 3% of constituents, have signed.

  1. Gerald Wiley Reply

    Very interesting – but this was the result of a democratic election in the US where the ban on Muslims was part of Donald Trump’s election promises.

    That many people in the UK (esp. those in central Brighton) disagree with this policy is “interesting” but of no real importance.

    More important is the view of the American electorate who now find that Donald Trump is actually delivering on the policies that he promised. They are the ones that really matter.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if more politicians on the UK delivered on their promises to the electorate, and the electorate accepted democratic decisions?

    Perhaps those 5.5% of people living in central Brighton are the same people who voted for Bremain and who were so unhappy with the result of the referendum?

    • martin lawrence Reply

      spot on , nobody batted an eyelid when Jimmy Carter not only banned any Iraquis entering but sent peaceful students home or Obamas 6 month ban on refugees

  2. Mike Supliski Reply

    President Trump is heartily welcome to visit the UK, and especially Brighton. I hope the Queen confers an honour on him. These lefties don’t know who the real enemy of democracy is.

  3. Reinhard Reply

    “Wouldn’t it be nice if more politicians [i]n the UK delivered on their promises to the electorate”? – Not if their promisses are (or even might be) against constitutional and/or binding international law.

  4. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Responsible people are signing – the invitation was not earned and is not deserved and is an embarrassment to the Queen. Trump refuses to meet Prince Charles and may decide to postpone the date of any State Visit in hopes that he survives the humiliation of totally blowing his credibility in the first week of being in post and finds a way to cope with the rigours of responsible governance.

  5. Al Bion-Street Reply

    Something something something Godwin’s Law.

  6. martin lawrence Reply

    so 94.5% didn’t , thats a lot lol

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  8. isabel Rosetta bernard Reply

    Stay away,you are NOT welcome here. In fact please resign from your job. Thanks

  9. Mark Reply

    Do the maths, 19 in 20 don’t mind his visit!

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