Six flytippers caught dumping commercial waste in one night in Brighton

Posted On 13 Feb 2017 at 7:07 pm

Six flytippers have been fined after they were caught dumping commercial waste in just one night in Brighton.

Brighton and Hove City Council said: “CCTV cameras captured six separate incidents of flytipping in one night which has enabled the council to send the offenders fixed penalty notices totalling more than £600.

“The flytippers were all dumping trade waste. The kinds of things being tipped included builders’ and plumbing waste and other packaging.”

Councillor Gill Mitchell, who chairs the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said: “We are using CCTV to help clear up hotspots and in areas where it would be hard to catch offenders who are dumping things at night.

“The technology shows the offence taking place and it makes it easier for our staff to detect where the waste has come from and issue fines.

“No community should have to live with flytipping. Our action aims to deter people from targeting locations and sending a tough message that there are no places to hide.”

The council said: “Businesses using council bins will receive a fine of £110 and could face prosecution.

“Flytipping is a criminal offence and if caught, people can expect a fixed penalty of £300. Failure to pay can lead to prosecution, a criminal record and an unlimited fine.

“The council is not releasing details of the locations until the deterrent has had the desired effect as offenders may move on to other sites in the city.”

  1. Rolivan Reply

    So you get fined £80 for dropping a cigarette butt and a maximum of £100 for dumping commercial waste

  2. Dan Reply

    Take their tradesman license away, they’re clearly irresponsible and will just flytip off camera next time.

  3. Steve Reply

    If they are a business the council should enforce that these perpetrators buy a commercial waste collection service, otherwise they’ll just do it again.
    The fine should be multiplied but suspended until such a contract is in place.

  4. nutgobbler Reply

    lets decode the propaganda , did they dump it in the street , no they filled up the big dumpsters which are everywhere in certain areas of brighton and hove which are never filled to capacity , maybe next time they will simply dump it somewhere in the country and then the council can spend that fine they hit them with on cleaning it up 🙂

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