Hove man jailed for rape

Posted On 24 Apr 2017 at 9:17 pm

A 22-year-old man from Hove has been jailed for four counts of rape after a trial by jury that started six weeks ago.

Michael Manion, of Nutley Close, Hangleton, was sentenced to seven years in prison by Judge David Rennie at Brighton Crown Court today (Monday 24 April).

Three of the charges related to a nine-year-old girl. A jury found Manion guilty of raping her between dates in July 2009 and August 2010 when he was 14 or 15 years old.

He had been found guilty at an earlier trial of a fourth count which happened on Friday 19 November 2010 – just over two months after he turned 16. He raped a 16-year-old girl as she slept.

He was served with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order indefinitely, severely restricting his access to girls and young women. He will be a registered sex offender for life.

Michael Manion

  1. Rachel Reply

    Mike is 22 not 21, and it’s only on 2 accounts, I know this because he told me

    • Annoyed Reply

      Once is too many times….and ever think he mighta lied to you?! He’s obviously not gonna be like “oh yeah I raped all these girls” is he?!

    • Joke Reply

      It was 3 accounts on a 9 year old I and one on a 16 year old Mike clearly lied to you like he has done throughout the hole trial!

    • Unknown Reply

      It was actually four accounts as I was in the public gallery watched both trials

  2. Adrian Reply

    It my lovely is 3 counts on a child under 13 and 1 account of a over 16 year old!!

  3. Gob smacked Reply

    And that makes it all the better does it?

  4. Kerry Reynolds Reply

    Shouldn’t matter how many times!!! Once is one to many!!!

  5. Casey Kay Reply

    It’s all a tissue of lies, he is innocent and wouldn’t hurt a fly! I would still be happy for him to be alone with my daughter, he is a pussy cat with special needs and a heart made of pure gold.

    These girls have ganged up on him for doing the right thing over a mobile phone, it is literally that stupid and petty. His life is ruined and their outside the court celebrating their win over an innocent victim with champagne in front of his family.

    Vile girls who I hope get what they deserve for false accusations on an amazing young man.

    Chin up Mike the truth will our eventually!

    My thoughts are with his family, much love xxx

    • Adrian Reply

      Clearly u heard only one side of a story!!!!!! Remembers the only ppl that know the truth r those girls mike and no one else …. although 2 separate jury’s found him guilty as for this rubbish over mobile phones…. family would mean much more than a mobile phone !!!! Anyone to put someone through that by lying would be totally sic let alone a family member who was loved !!!! Me yeah course the 2 girls drank champers (not infrint of family member) like u say but suppose u know everything Amy’s cos mike said so!!! The truth is out there no eventually about it!

    • Rachel Reply

      Finally someone who knows the truth!

    • Anon Reply

      As someone that has supported the victims.. through years of harassment and suffering through his doing, and they are still suffering. I went to every court date and I also have links to his family.

      You my dear know nothing and I hope for your daughters sake he never plays doctors with her

  6. Facts Reply

    I like to know how it’s taken them since 2008 on a six week trial to come to this?

    • Unknown Reply

      Because the girls didn’t come forward till 2013 and 2015

  7. sgaz Reply

    the truth is out you are sad the even stick by him … but he might be came some one bitch in there

  8. JonF Reply

    God how can anyone defend someone whose raped a 9 year old. They have to be as sick as this guy. He has got 9 years but with the current remission system in tatters he will be out in 3. Shocking. He should have got 20 years minimum like in the US.

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