Resident parking in Hanover moves a step closer

Posted On 26 Apr 2017 at 10:31 pm

Resident parking in Hanover, Elm Grove and Craven Vale has moved a step closer as Brighton and Hove City Council prepares to advertise more details for public consultation from Friday (28 April).

The council said: “The authority has published legally required traffic orders for the schemes.

“Local people overwhelmingly backed residents’ parking during consultation over the winter.

“The orders spell out details of how new parking restrictions would be arranged in each street, including road markings and signage.

“Hanover’s full scheme south of Elm Grove would become the new Zone V. Mainly north of Elm Grove a light-touch scheme would be Zone S. Craven Vale would be Zone I.

“Official notices published also detail various prices that would be charged.

“This is a chance for residents to influence the process once again – and to help us make sure the arrangements in each street suit local people as far as possible.”

Details can be found on the council website at

  1. Hjarrs Reply

    It was a shame that the CPZ – lite scheme was not supported by more residents or that the council wouldn’t apply the “lite” scheme where it had a majority. The full-on CPZ, as applied over B&H panders too much to the “I want to park outside the front of my house” group and not to practicality.

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