Three tonnes of rubbish cleared from A23 and A27

Posted On 02 May 2017 at 5:45 pm

Cleaning crews have removed tonnes of rubbish from the side of the A27 and A23 in a series of night time clear ups.

Staff from the council’s Cityclean team have been picking up litter from grass verges and central reservations on the two main routes into the city.

Work is carried out at night because the roads are so busy, to minimise any disruption to traffic and ensure the clean up team can work safely.

In the first five nights, more than three tonnes of rubbish was cleared – everything from litter to bumpers and other car parts.

The council is responsible for clearing the verges from the Falmer turn off on A27 to almost the Southwick Tunnel, and on the A23 from the roundabout to the Brighton pillars.

The motorways are cleared approximately every three months, with crews working for 10 hours each night.

The Cityclean team works alongside a contractor which provides mobile lane closures and ensure the safety of the council employees.

  1. David Reply

    People that litter should be clearing it up, not my council tax.
    Catch the culprits and get them to clear a stretch, overnight, for 10hrs.

  2. Craig Reply

    People should take there rubbish home with them instead. Of putting people’s life’s at risk cleaning it up..

    • Jayne Goods Reply

      I have seen several good suggestions on here .. of course the most obvious is to take it home with you.
      Secondly, it could be a payback scheme for those who receive benefits because they have no work.
      Or thirdly pay back as a community service
      Alternatively. Shut the road once a month. Perhaps they will stop throwing their rubbish out.
      Why can’t we be like Singapore. Immaculate, not even a single piece of chewing gum on the pavement. Delightful.

  3. SamC Reply

    These sorts of jobs should be done regularly by community payback/restorative justice and work-for-dole schemes with supervision by City Clean and the contractor. The whole city and surrounds would benefit and it would save money for other projects.

  4. Heather Reply

    Most of it comes out of the top of the viridor lorries, I’ve driven behind them and seen it all flying out!

    • Valerie Paynter Reply

      If every car had a dashcam & footage of litter coming out of vehicles went to the police, with charges & massive fines following, maybe this vile problem could begin to be tackled a bit.

      The motorways should be CONSPICUOUSLY closed for days on end for litter clearance to send the message to motorists that littering WILL interfere with their road use if they don’t stop doing it.

      And tes; this should be a Payback Team job. Do motirists care that their council tax goes on cleaning up after them? Probably not, any more than tourists care about leaving tons of litter on our beaches to foul the sea when the tide comes in. So depressing.

      Why do people do it? Pigs. They truly do not care & their toddler-level sense of entitlement is absolute. That lack of responsibility now hallmarks the British mindset – but it wasn’t always like this….was it?

  5. Graham Reply

    You wont get Adur district coucil doing theirs the like have filthy channels and verges they havnt been cleaned in 7 years.. Look at the Manor roundabout on A27 At Lancing its a disgrace….

  6. Rob Reply

    I agree with Heather, It’s very rare to see a motorist throwing rubbish out of their car but I have seen litter blowing out of the Rubbish transfer lorries on the A27 numerous times and with such a huge amount of litter strewn along the side of the road I can’t believe that this is casual littering. More effort needs to be made by the rubbish transfer vehicles to properly contain the rubbish, a loosely fitting canvas cover is not good enough.

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