Last wind turbine off Brighton installed this morning

Posted On 20 Sep 2017 at 11:03 am

The windfarm which has been taking shape all summer off the coast of Brighton has reached a landmark – or seamark – moment today.

by Darren Cool

The last of the 116 turbines which make up the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm was put into place this morning.

The first electricity will be generated later this year, and the farm is due to be fully operational in 2018.

Each turbine consists of an 80 metre tower, weighing approximately 200 tonnes, which has been lifted and positioned onto each foundation, a nacelle, fitted to the top of each tower, which houses the generator and gearbox and three blades, each measuring 55 metres in length which have been hoisted and connected one at a time.

Over the last six months, since the first turbine was installed in early March, two jack up vessels – the MPI Discovery and MPI Adventure – have worked tirelessly to install each turbine, transporting the components for eight turbines at a time from Esbjerg in Denmark to the site 13 kilometres off the Sussex coast.

Darren Cool

Chris Tomlinson, Development and Stakeholder Manager for the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, said: “We’re especially proud to have achieved this remarkable feat, installing all 116 turbines ahead of schedule in just over six months.

“This major milestone sees the safe installation of all physical components visible above sea level, representing the full extent of the wind farm.

“Since the spring we have also completed the lay and burial of 112 kilometres of array cables, which connects the turbines to the offshore substation, installed in April, before transporting power to shore.

““We now look forward to Rampion’s first generation of electricity later this year and to working towards completion and full operation in 2018.”

  1. Ian Rhodes Reply

    Brighton “city of concrete” . You look left to ghastly Marina with more ongoing building. The concrete 360I to the right and concrete columns out to sea. No natural landscapes- dreadful!

    • Chris Postle Reply

      Mate, what? The city’s surrounded in every direction by the South Downs. You’re never more than half an hour away from natural landscapes at all times!

    • Fishwife, 49 Reply

      You look left – concrete.
      You look right – i360.
      You look forward – lots and lots of sea, with (on a clear day) some little windmills on the horizon.
      You turn around – enormous National Park.
      Maybe invest in a swivel chair?

      • Richard Paine Reply

        Don’t be so despondent, a fracking well near you might well appear.

        • Elisabeth Reply

          Very true. Embrace wind farms, they’re the way forward not Fracking for shale gas to feed the plastic’s industry.

    • Nick Pannett Reply

      Shit off back to the valleys, if you don’t like the best city in Britain!

    • Brightonsteff Reply

      Try looking all around brighton! Completely surrounded by countryside

    • Maxi Maximus Reply

      Not as much concrete as that located between your ears though.

    • Trinket Reply

      All that Victorian regency everywhere too, what an eyesore.

    • Sophie Reply

      We need the turbines. Look behind you to the south downs!

    • Charles HolcoMBE Reply

      I have just had a late breakfast in Brighton Marina, at caferouge.
      Wonderful…..and with their buy one get one free offer, it was
      outstanding value.
      I came down to Brighton from London in 1964 and found a small unmodernised humble terraced cottage in Kemp Town for £3000 freehold with the help of a £1500 bank loan from Nat West Bank.
      53 years later, I still have this small cottage but with a roof garden
      and small balcony. How fortunate that I saved my modest wages and
      had foresight to invest in lovely Brighton ?

  2. Norman Leaver Reply

    I think you might have missed the point of Brighton. Love, life, laughter, innovation, excitement.
    You could always go to Eastbourne and enjoy the scenery as you have afternoon tea and scones on the Costa Geriactrica.

  3. Frances Reply

    Ian, get off your bum and take a walk up to Hollingbury Fort – find the OS triangulation point and take a 360 degree look around you. You’ll see all the things you are wingeing about in their full context, providing a great vista of landmarks across our great city including turbines, pier, marina, stadium and the Downs.

  4. Dee Tipping Reply

    Some look for beaity with eyes but are blind nonetheless –

  5. Mr Brighton Reply

    Offshore substation sending the power to France.

    • ROLIVAN Reply

      I think you will find it is going up around the Albourne Area as they have been laying cables over the Downs

  6. Barney Reply

    Propellers on sticks to go with the doughnut on a stick.

  7. Cat Reply

    Old Stein has lots of grass!!!!!

    • ROLIVAN Reply

      Old Rick Stein has nothing to do with it.Did you mean New Steine.

  8. Mr Fingers Reply

    Some people can never be satisfied. The turbines are for the UK and not France. People moan when they dig for oil, and now people are moaning about a few turbines which do not obstruct the views. These so called concrete objects create jobs. And as pointed out, we have lovely views all around us. Perhaps you would like to live somewhere like a rain forest.

  9. Harris Weed Reply

    It would be useful if E.On disclosed the total lifecycle carbon footprint for all those ships travelling back and forth to Denmark, all that concrete poured onto and into the seabed, all that iron ore converted to steel. And what about when it’s decommissioned in 20 years?
    Should just about break even, Carbon-wise.

    • Teflon Bliar Reply

      And the electricity required when they are not generating in order to keep them cool!

    • philip harris Reply

      They are not very efficient. They just pump money into fat cats pockets. I am also afraid they are just too “right on” for common sense to apply.

  10. IK Reply

    Bore off there’s always one that has to moan, who gives a damn what you think anyways it’s done and here for the next 25 years so get used to it. Hardly takes up any of the horizon anyway, If anything I feel it’s made the view abit more viewable.

  11. Tommy Reply

    Guys, stop feeding the troll, its what it wants. Ignore it and it might sulk 🙂

  12. MB Reply

    Brighton, the shit hole between the sea and some beautiful country side.

    • Brightonboi Reply

      The best city anywhere – full of diversity and fun. MB why do you live here’re if you hate it so much. Go to Luton, or another fascinating place.

  13. Teflon Bliar Reply

    Jobs in Denmark that makes real sense for the UK!

  14. Helen Reply

    I am disappointed that some views are expressed in such a depressing way. Surely it’s not necessary to make personal attacks. Insults because of differing views really don’t add anything to debates. I like the windmills but others are welcome to disagree.

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