Brighton Pavilion mistaken for a mosque – again

Posted On 26 Sep 2017 at 10:04 am

Angry Twitter users last night slammed the Labour Party for using a picture of a mosque at its annual conference yesterday – when they saw an image of Brighton Pavilion used as a backdrop.

Several people, many with Union Jacks in their profile pictures or a string of numbers in their username, took to Twitter last night to question its use, some saying it was the Labour Party “appealing to Muslims” and others saying they were offended.

It’s not the first time the Pavilion has been mistaken for a mosque. In 2013, members of the English Defence League discussed their outrage at finding a huge mosque when marching in Brighton.

And in 2015, an aide of Ed Miliband reportedly cancelled a photoshoot outside the Pavilion in anticipation of exactly the same mistake being made – a decision which seems sensible given this year’s response.

So it’s not surprising that yesterday’s misguided outcry was predicted by a Guardian reporter as soon as the Pavilion image was shown on TV:

  1. ROLIVAN Reply

    You never know what might happen to The Pavilion now Glyn Jones is involved.

  2. Solonge Reply

    The great British public….thick as the brown stuff you find in a field full of cows…and they think they are something special….well they are really…but not the right kind of special.

    • Sarah Collins Reply

      The article said that “several” people took to Twitter, how is that the “great British public” ? You sound even more ignorant then the idiots taking to Twitter.

  3. Sarah Reply

    How can a Britain not know their own historical landmarks how embarrasing just goes to show the mentality behind prejudice people. Simpletons!!

  4. Vodkaman Reply

    Great story, highly ‘illuminating’ x

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