Gary Numan brings his post-apocalyptic future to Brighton as Hurricane Ophelia’s orange gloom lingers above

Posted On 17 Oct 2017 at 12:12 pm

Gary Numan – Brighton Dome 2017

Sometimes life is filled with strange coincidences and tonight (Monday 16 October) the people of Brighton bore witness to one of these.

Gary live at The Dome concert hall in Brighton 16.10.17

The Godfather of Synth, Gary Numan, was in town at the Dome as part of his “Savage” album tour.

The album was unleashed just a few weeks ago and deservedly smashed into the official album charts at No 2.

The (sci-fi) theme of his album, and indeed Gary’s new look, is addressing one of the Earth’s possible futures, which is all to do with being set in a post-apocalyptic future where our planet has been ravaged by global warming and the outcome is barren desert – scary stuff indeed!

The Brighton sky before the Gary Numan concert (pic by Robb Banks/Brighton Skies)

However, in some twist of fate, Brighton was actually bathed in a real menacing amber light, whereby the sun appeared uncharacteristically red and the sky had an eerie but spectacular darkened orange glow during the afternoon prior to the gig.

This was the result of a Saharan dust cloud that could be witnessed as a giant thick band right across one’s field of view.

It was the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia and I have only ever experienced something similar once before and that was whilst I was in France to witness the solar eclipse.

The mood was certainly set for tonight’s gig.

Impressive light show

Gary first played live at the Dome in 1979 (13,892 days earlier) and his support act was Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD).

I was there and can recall a member of the audience bellowing out that they wanted real live music in reference to OMD’s tape machine called Winston.

You see, in those days the synth was not a trusted instrument – but then Gary Numan came along and changed all of that with his No 1 songs Are ‘Friends’ Electric? and Cars.

Time for contemplation

So here we are all these years later and both OMD and Gary are as strong as ever. Gary filling a packed Brighton Dome with his extremely loyal Numanoid fans and OMD (who’s new album reached No 4 in the official album charts) will fill the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill next month.

Gary Numan in Brighton

Hammersmith-born and former East Sussex resident, Gary, is now based in glitzy Los Angeles and had tonight brought his family along to the concert, shortly after their exotic sailing holiday around Croatia and Montenegro on a specially chartered yacht – life is great for the Numan family! Especially for young Persia, who now sings with her dad on the stage.

Gary and his wife Gemma have three daughters, the eldest is Raven, the youngest is Echo and Persia in the middle.

Gary’s holiday yacht pictured in Montenegro

Gary (real name Gary Anthony James Webb) was tonight unveiling his Arabic style Blade Runner-esque look in performing six tracks from his new album, Savage, and 11 other compositions from his career.

As always, his stage set and lighting was very impressive – as indeed was support act Jace Lewis’s too.

Gary Numan at The Dome, Brighton 16.10.17

The set was opened with Ghost Nation from Savage and set the post-apocalyptic industrial music theme off rather well. The crowd loved it.

Classic track Metal was up next and then followed by the 2011 Dead Son Rising album track The Fall.

And so the exciting evening continued with a blend of new and old material, with the older songs these days always given a heavier sound, thanks to the influences of Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails.

Gary on stage with daughter Persia whilst mum Gemma captures them

We were treated to Down In The Park (the single released before Are ‘Friends’ Electric?), Cars, I Die: You Die and a rather good Andy Gray remix version of A Prayer For The Unborn.

One of the highlights was My Name Is Ruin from Savage, as daughter Persia expertly added backing vocals for dad.

We were seated behind Gary’s family and it was interesting to watch them moving around to their own different favourite songs.

Proud mum Gemma captured hubby and daughter on her phone as a family memento and Persia got a big hug from dad on stage and a big cuddle from mum when she returned to her seat in the first row of the balcony.

Gary and daughter Persia

Song seventeen was Are ‘Friend’s’ Electric? and that was it, another truly fantastic Numan gig!

I wonder if … It’s Cold Outside. I should purchase a long-sleeve post apocalyptic Savage top from the merch stand just in case! Oh blast, I haven’t got £70 for one.

Gary Numan – ever the showman

Tonight’s music was: Ghost Nation, Metal, The Fall, Remind Me To Smile, Bed of Thorns, Dead Sun Rising, Down In The Park, Pray For The Pain You Serve, Here In The Black, Mercy, Love Hurt Bleed, My Name is Ruin, Cars, When the World Comes Apart, A Prayer For The Unborn, I Die: You Die, Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

That’s my girl!

For more information on Gary Numan contact:

The crowd really enjoyed themselves!

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  1. Jan Hinchy Reply

    Insightful review and great photos. Enjoyed it myself and the filmed for a DVD Brixton Academy Savage gig on the Saturday. Perhaps Numan arranged the post apocalyptic weather for the gig. The merchandise is certainly pricey on this tour and has been criticised for it on Numan forums, though the gigs are going down a storm. Also the premium T-shirt with holes in was £45 and £55 in London. Handy for the Savage desert though.

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Thanks for your comment Jan.

  2. Wendy cornwell Reply

    The evening was totally hypnotic! And Gary Numans daughter on stage was wonderful! Magic music – SAVAGE is truly fabulous album! Was wonderful having Gary Numans family sitting in front of us – having a fabulous evening watching their Dad . Looking forward to attending a future gig of Gary NUMAN . Thank you for a truly memorable evening!

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Here! Here! Wendy, thanks for your comment.

  3. Simon Thomas Reply

    It was a great evening’s entertainment. I was surprised at the power of the performance. Certainly the SAVAGE album tracks came across as very heavy, I’m pleased to say. These were counterbalanced with some of the classics and a great light show, which made for a fantastic spectacle. I was going to buy the vinyl but at £30 (£50 Signed!) I’ll probably just buy it from Resident instead. I’d expect a bit more of a deal at a show. However merch aside, that didn’t stop our enjoyment and we had an awesome night.


    Hi Simon, Glad you enjoyed the gig. Thanks for your interest.

  5. Andrew Easton Reply

    Great write-up as always Nick. Really liking Gazza’z new album!


    Thanks for your interest Drew. It’s an awesome album!

  7. Howard Gravett Reply

    Great review. Pleased to see Gary is still pulling in the supporters after all these years. Only seen Gary in his early years, but his music still attracts an appeal across the music industry.


    Thanks for your interest Howard.

  9. Stuart Morris Reply

    As someone who tries to see him at least once annually, this was my favourite performance of his (or anyone else for that matter), in years!
    I was so happy to have witnessed a true resurgence to the top of his game. Everything was spot on perfect & I can’t help but think that we will see a lot more of Persia’s talents in the years to come. A fantastic night & a truly insightful review.
    Thanks Valerian!

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Here! Here! Totally agree Stuart. Thanks for your interest.

  10. Bev Morley Reply

    For anyone who was not there, you missed an awsesome gig on every level!! Numan is quite possibly at his very best!! The album will blow you away and delivered live with the most stunning light show I’ve ever seen, the power of his music just pulsated the entire Dome!! Mr Nick you have summed it up better than me, it was the gig of all gigs, have seen Numan live since 1983, he really is top of his tree! And now treated to a performance with his daughter Persia, talent growing….looking forward to more!! What a fantastic evening, spent to with awesome friends…’Perfect’!!

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Perfectly summed up Bev. Thanks for your interest.

  11. Trevor L Reply

    Ahem, #2 actually.

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