Pedestrian badly hurt in bus crash

Posted On 30 Nov 2017 at 1:34 pm

A pedestrian has been seriously injured after stepping out in front of a bus by St Peter’s Church this lunchtime.

The man was treated at the scene before being taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Roads were closed and traffic diverted along London Road as emergency services work at the scene.

Brighton and Hove Buses Managing Director Martin Harris said: “We regret to report a pedestrian stepped out in front of a bus earlier today and was hit. He’s been taken to hospital where we understand he is being treated for a serious injury.

“The accident happened at the bottom of Lewes Road on the St Peter’s Church bus lane in the direction of the Old Steine.

“Our thoughts are with the pedestrian. We dearly hope he makes a full recovery. We’re staying in close contact with the hospital so we know how he’s doing. We’re also taking care of our driver who was badly shaken by the incident.

“CCTV footage shows the pedestrian was – sadly – looking the other way when he stepped off the kerb and into the road. Our driver was driving at less than 15 miles per hour as he was moving towards the traffic lights and, though they were on green, he was alert to them changing and braked immediately.

“No passengers were hurt. Disabled passengers were helped off the bus and escorted to the London Road bus stop they required by our Accessibility Officer – who called ahead to the service they wanted to alert the driver they were waiting.”

A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service said: “We were called at approximately 12.40pm today to reports a pedestrian had been hit by a bus on York Place, near St Peter’s Church, Brighton.

“Ambulance crews in two ambulances and two cars attended the scene. A man was treated at the scene for serious injuries before being taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Emergency services were called to York Place, Brighton at 12.43pm on Thursday (November 30) to a collision between a pedestrian and a bus.

“The road has been closed while emergency services are on scene. The pedestrian is believed to be in a serious condition.”

The fire service said they assisted on the scene until 1.07pm.

The accident happened a couple of hundred metres away from where a six-year-old girl was left with potentially life-changing injuries to one of her feet after being hit by a coach as she crossed Marlborough Place by the Mazda Fountain in June this year.

The police investigation concluded last month with a recommendation for no further action.

  1. Emma Reply

    I use that crossing every day as part of my walk to work,and know how dangerous that area can be for pedestrians. I wish a speedy recovery to the victim involved.

  2. Patrick Reply

    It wouldn’t be so bad if pedestrians looked before walking out into the road, especially when using headphones!

    • Jo Wadsworth Reply

      a quick reminder that we don’t know what caused the crash

      • Harvey Reply

        Yes we do, he walked out in the road looking the wrong way if you read the article.

        • Jo Wadsworth Reply

          Hi Harvey – I wrote the article! When I replied to your comment, the quote from Martin Harris wasn’t in there.

  3. Barney Reply

    As Jo Wadsworth says, we don’t know the full story, but the road layout in that area can be confusing for the unaware.

    Every day though, I see what I refer to as “mobile ‘phone zombies”, staring at that little screen and totally impervious to their surroundings as they step out into the road without looking.

    This man may have made an innocent mistake, and I wish him well and feel for his family, whatever the circumstances may have been, but some people nowadays are just too stupid to live in a modern society.

    Can that call, or that text, really be more important than staying alive?

  4. Brighton Local Reply

    Wow! Maybe to those ‘commenters’ trying to point the finger, maybe try just being thoughtful to all those affected by this. For all we know, this was a visitor to Brighton from somewhere they drive on the right. We just don’t know, so find your humanity!

  5. Steve Foley Reply

    Was the pedestrian a stranger to Brighton who may not have been aware of buses on that section of road or possibly from a country where they drive on the other side? We do not know at this time. My symampathies to both the bus driver and the injured person.

  6. Stephen J Foley Reply

    Could the pedestrian be a stranger to Brighton who may not have been aware of buses on that section of road or possibly from a country where they drive on the other side? We do not know at this time. My symampathies are to both the bus driver and the injured person in this unhappy event.

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