Abusive 999 caller from Hove jailed after biting PC

Posted On 22 Jun 2018 at 12:19 pm

A persistent nuisance caller from Hove has been jailed after ignoring a ban on dialling 999 or the non-emergency police number 101.

He also bit a police officer who went to arrest him.

David Peapell

David Peapell, 51, of Dyke Road, Hove, was jailed for 11 weeks after being found guilty of assaulting a police officer and breaching a criminal behaviour order.

The jury returned its verdict on Monday 11 June and he was jailed on Thursday 14 June.

The court was told that Peapell admitted calling police on the non-emergency 101 number 21 times between dates in February and May this year.

Sussex Police said: “In one call, Peapell talked about the dark web and continued to ask what police were doing about it and in another he rambled on about social media, hate crime and was homophobic.

“When PC James Breeds went to arrest Peapell on (Friday) 11 May on suspicion of breaching his CBO, which banned him from contacting police unless it was a genuine emergency, he bit him on the arm as he went to restrain him.”

PC Breeds said: “Peapell repeatedly called the non-emergency police number 101.

“The number of calls in this case alone amounted to over an hour of call duration which would have meant longer waiting times for the public to get through on the non-emergency number.

“The content of his calls were not only frustrating but, on a number of the calls, Peapell used derogatory language, made inappropriate comments and swore at the call takers.

“When I went to detain Peapell, he became aggressive and bit me on the arm.

“I was only trying to do my job. The actions and behaviour of Peapell were totally unacceptable and the custodial sentence he received reflects this.”


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