Brighton developer sets out vision for ‘people’s prom’ above proposed Madeira Terraces hotel scheme

Posted On 03 Sep 2018 at 6:24 pm

The Brighton developer behind a proposed hotel scheme to revitalise the Madeira Terraces shared his vision today of a “people’s prom”.

Roger Wade, chief executive of Boxpark, praised Brighton and Hove City Council for its determination to revive the terraces.

And he paid tribute to the fundraising campaigners behind the Save Madeira Terraces raffle.

But Mr Wade and Brighton architect Paul Nicholson, of Chalk Architecture, spoke of the need for a sustainable business model to fund the work needed now and in the future.

Their vision would extend the upper promenade towards the sea, creating an area comparable to the prom and lawns in Hove.

The extended prom would sit on top of the offices, shops, bars, restaurants and a 120-room five-star hotel planned for the space below which includes the current dilapidated arches.

The frontage would take up part of the width of Madeira Drive which would be pedestrianised along the lines of New Road which is a shared space.

The lower seafront road would still host events like the speed trials which took place at the weekend.

Parking could be shifted to Black Road although this would bring the scheme into conflict with the council’s Waterfront project, which involves moving the Brighton Centre to Black Rock.

The “new Brighton Centre” would also be a conference centre and concert venue while the current Brighton Centre would make way for an extension of Churchill Square.

Mr Wade, a former Sussex University student, said: “Today, we released brand new CGI images of our Brighton Madeira Terrace development proposal – the People’s Promenade.

“The images show the stunning reimagining of the renowned Victorian arches into a world-class, beachfront leisure destination.

“The new development would create green public spaces and make it easier for people to access Brighton beach via Madeira Drive.

“Retail units would be accessible from the beachfront and generate footfall from tourists and Brighton locals alike.

“The project aims to return Madeira Drive to its former glory, creating a vibrant hub of activity on the seafront, including a year-round retail parade and food and beverage destination extending on to the promenade, as well as a world-class hotel development.

“The new building and ubran green spaces would aim to substantially increase commercial performance, creating hundreds of jobs and encouraging international tourism to Brighton and Hove.

“The new Brighton proposal is being led by Brighton and Hove resident and Boxpark founder, Roger Wade, who has developed the plans alongside local architect Paul Nicholson, from Chalk Architecture.

“The regeneration project would restore the existing Victorian arch structures while retaining their architectural heritage and increasing commercial appeal for both locals and visitors.“

Mr Wade said: “As a Brighton and Hove resident, I’m passionate about the regeneration of our outstanding seafront.

“Maderia Drive and the accompaniying Terrace are the embodiment of the Victorian grandeur that saw Brighton become the UK’s favourite seaside destination.

“The new images show how our proposal would redevelop the area while maintaining the architecture that Madeira Terrace has become known for.”

Mr Nicholson, from Chalk Architecture, said: “Further to developing a concept to save the Madeira Arches in 2015, we have had an ongoing constructive engagement with the local community about our ideas.

“In response to significant public interest the scheme has evolved over time into a dynamic proposal of new and enhanced public space wrapping around retail, leisure and commercial office use.

“Working with the Boxpark team has transformed the scheme into an exceptionally exciting prospect.”

  1. Dorothy Reply

    Looks fabulous

  2. Derek Wright Reply

    The council has a plan, restoration works start this month

  3. Terry Wing Reply

    Pedestrianisation of this road is a foolish concept as it hosts many vehicle centred activities which would spoil any light stone surface with tyre and oil marks.

    Such action would also make it a financial nightmare for anyone wanting to use this stretch of road for vehicle displays/Ace Cafe events etc, as barriers would be required as a visual separation to identify ‘safe pedestrian areas’ as the current ‘road & pavement’ structure would be removed.

    The events held along Madeira Drive bring a welcome income to our City and these wouldn’t be held if this design was permitted. It would look pretty but it would also make it a ‘White Elephant’ [a useless failure].

    • Adrian Reply

      Took the words right out of my mouth Terry…

    • Nick Panett Reply

      “The lower seafront road would still host events like the speed trials which took place at the weekend.”

  4. Craig Reply

    This is a great idea and will support anything but the run down mess that is that side. Please reginitate that area. Get rid of that dirty broken down pub as well. Well done. Hope the naysayers keep clear.

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      “Reginiate” suggests the opening of bars to cater for a current trend in drinking.

  5. Christina Reply

    Yes this does sound feasible but l think what is also needed badly is an indoor play recreation area this would generate more family’s visiting the area, There is not enough of this in Brighton and is all ways about property development and shops.

    More needs to be created for our future generations with more creativity , places for the arts to continue more diversity is needed in the area as brighton has all ways been a hub of activity.

  6. Chris Reply

    The promenade should not be moved and kept in current position against the wall not extended to alter it’s integrity.
    Underneath should not be altered either with shops. Its a walk way above and below one shelter from sun and other viewing platform.National lottery funding & english heritage funding is required to keep it authentic to it’s Regency architect period.The metal structure should be cast in non corrosive material and remade like for like to reduce costs for future maintenance.

  7. Kemp Town Resident Reply

    Anyone given a thought to the thousands of people going in and out of the Concorde on a pedestrianised Madeira Drive and the constant flow of tourbuses there??

  8. Jess Reply

    Please, please, please can we also consider some decent public toilets. I’m speaking on behalf of those who have disabilities and I for one find it difficult to find any public toilet facilities in the city, especially if there is going to be an increase in the amount of people visiting.

  9. Jax Atkins Reply

    Looks trash & isn’t a restoration project but a complete rebuild & change…just a load of hot air & such a shame that people believe all this! The plans to restore madeira Terraces will go ahead as planned, with nothing whatsoever to do with Boxpark

  10. Steve M Reply

    Jax Atkins and others have done a fantastic job raising money for the restoration of the terraces but the experience around the i360 might suggest the need for a commercial approach involving companies with deep pockets. Jax is right that this is not a restoration but rather a rebuilding of the eastern seafront. What we need is a sensible debate. One option is piecemeal restoration – if the metal is able to be restored – using public funding, lottery money and local fundraising. Another option might mean the council working with a developer like Boxpark, although not necessarily Boxpark, as it is doing with plans to relocated the Brighton Centre. At least people care enough to come up with ideas for this incredible frontage – Jax and co, the council and the Boxpark team. It’s not just part of our heritage but a vital component of Brighton’s future.

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