Landlord opposes drinks licence for Hove recording studio

Plans to sell alcoholic drinks to people at a Hove recording studio have fallen foul of the venue’s landlord.

Shoreham Port Authority, owners of Hove Enterprise Centre, in Basin Road North, Hove, has objected to Cameron Devlin’s plan to sell drinks to clients using his recording studio Hidden Cam.

Tim Hague, director of property and development at the port, wrote to object on the grounds of crime prevention, public nuisance and public safety.

He said: “This area is susceptible to anti-social activities as a result, such as vandalism and fly-tipping.

“It is our concern that alcohol sales would increase this vulnerability, in a location which cannot be monitored outside normal working hours.

“The sale of alcohol could create a nuisance for our surrounding tenants.”

Mr Hague pointed out planning permission is for a recording studio and selling alcohol would not comply with this.

A plan sent to the Brighton and Hove City Council licensing team showed the Hidden Cam’s recording studio and control room with space for a fridge with alcohol.

Mr Devlin’s application said sales were not for the general public but for his clients.

In the section addressing prevention of crime and disorder, Mr Devlin said: “Selling only to clients prevents significant consumption while at the premises, as there is an activity they are engaged in besides just drinking.

“As there is no space of provision to serve the general public as well, this creates no issues for the surrounding area due to a large group of intoxicated clients leaving at any one time.”

Sussex Police has not objected to the proposals but asked for alcohol sales to be restricted to when the designated premises supervisor was on the premises, with alcohol be kept in a locked fridge and with no sales after midnight.

A council licensing panel is due to meet to discuss the application next (Tuesday 13 November) at 10am at Hove Town Hall.

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    Photographs of The Beatles’ sessions at Abbey Road often feature tea cups.

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