Plans submitted for £300m housing estate in Hove

Posted On 23 Nov 2018 at 9:29 am

Plans have been submitted for hundreds of homes to create what has been described as the last new housing estate in Brighton and Hove.

The proposals are to build 825 homes in Toad’s Hole Valley, the largest undeveloped site in Brighton and Hove.

More than 2,000 people are expected to live on the 91-acre site – a triangular plot between the A27 Brighton bypass and the A2038 King George VI Avenue, known locally as Snakey Hill.

The planning application has been submitted to Brighton and Hove City Council by developer St Congar on behalf of the Cook family who own the site.

Planning agent Curtin and Co said: “The carefully considered application will provide much-needed community benefits and infrastructure improvements.

“This application is different to most. To provide for the needs of Brighton and Hove, half of the homes will be family-sized and 40 per cent will be affordable to support local families and help local people get on to the property ladder.

“Core to the development is creating a community that supports itself. The proposals will deliver land for a new secondary school, a new doctors’ surgery, local shops and office space including for start-ups and existing local businesses looking for high-quality employment space.

“Twelve acres of open green space which is currently inaccessible will be opened up for all to benefit from, including community food growing space and areas for play.

“The 21-acre area of nature conservation interest will be enhanced to protect and encourage local wildlife and give local people the opportunity to connect with the environment.

“The proposals will also bring about huge economic benefits.

“The construction work will be valued at over £300 million, with 300 direct and indirect jobs created.

“The completed development will generate £1.2 million in council tax every year to go towards vital local council services.

“In 2017 the council produced a detailed plan for Toad’s Hole Valley carefully setting out what they would like to see on the site.

“The submitted scheme has been carefully prepared to ensure it meets all the criteria set by the council, including density, affordability and sustainability.

“In line with the aspirations of the council, King George VI Avenue will be changed into an appropriate residential street by narrowing the road and reducing the speed.”

St Congar operations director Tony Blackburn said: “Having engaged with local residents and councillors, we are confident the proposals reflect the council’s clearly stated aspirations for Toad’s Hole Valley to provide much-needed new affordable and family-sized homes, land for a secondary school, a doctors’ surgery, a community centre and considerable public open space.

“We look forward to continue to work with the local community and the council to bring about the best possible development.”

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  1. Marcus Reply

    Hope doesn’t attract the wrong types! Does not feel very hove. More portslade. White hawk etc

    • Sharon Reply

      We are all scum in portslade, we don’t work, we sleep all day and rob the posh people that live in Hove ACTUALLY,. IDIOT.

      • Marcus Reply

        Sharon. Portslade. I rest my case. Hope Gary and Kevin are well

  2. Peter Reply

    and what are they goin to do about the local infrastructure and congestion to local community NOTHING

  3. Christine Robertshaw Reply

    It’s council houses we need not more houses to buy. What about low paid workers and people on zero contracts. This is so unfair it makes my blood boil. Also what about doctors hospital and new schools. The present ones can’t accommodate so many people

  4. Mrs S Smith Reply

    Narrowing a main feeder route onto the A27/A23 from Hove…bonkers it already gets jammed with cars morning and evening without another 2000 people adding to already bad congestion…I thought we were run by a green party not with all those car exhausts sat waiting in queues!
    Gradually Hangleton is getting boxed in with regard to traffic just wait until they build more houses by Hangleton Lane only 2 routes out of Hangleton….impossible!

  5. P B Smith Reply

    It’s great that this area is going to be used at last to provide much-needed new homes.

    However, the current proposals regarding altering King George VI Avenue as part of the scheme are of concern.

    Traffic routes in and out of Hove are already very congested, and the current proposals look likely to make things worse.

  6. Charlie Bones Reply

    Such a shame. A massive chunk of precious, Internationally important wildlife rich chalk downland to be concreted over for ever. At a net annual increase in the human UK population of 500k last year due to immigration much more will need to be bulldozed to satisfy this unsustainable urban exspansion.

  7. Dave Reply

    No additional roads to cater for the 2,000 more residents. No secondary school even though it says land for a secondary school, and are they actually going to put in a new doctors surgery ? These all need to be included in the plan for it to agreed.

  8. D.Metcalfe Reply

    They keep barking on about affordable housing, if you were earning less then 23,000 a year there is no way you could afford it. And the Council mentioned about the amount of CouncilTax it would generate, these properties would probably be given to people not working or priority given to families from other Countries, so they will not pay a penny towards anything. It is the majority of people who are working that seem to be the losers, unless you are earning over 28,000 per year you haven’t got a chance of getting on the housing ladder !!!.

  9. Mini Reply

    If the council stopped approving HMO conversion of family housing a lot of this would not be needed. Keep the existing homes for families and regulate conversion into cramped student homes.

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