Private funding would be considered for Madeira Terraces if council fails to win lottery cash

More sources of funding are being considered to revive Brighton’s rundown Madeira Terraces.

Brighton and Hove City Council’s executive director for economy, environment and culture Nick Hibberd said that the council would even consider private investors.

But first it was trying to tap into public funds and lottery funding to restore the grade II* listed structure despite some setbacks.

Mr Hibberd was responding to questions about the state of the seafront at the council’s Audit and Standards Committee at Hove Town hall this afternoon (Tuesday 8 January).

A bid for financial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund failed, for a second time, but Mr Hibberd said that the council had been told that there was nothing wrong with its bid.

The fund just had a limited amount of money available for numerous worthy projects nationally.

He said: “We are always hoping for Heritage Lottery funding and will look at a March bid.

“It is not unusual to see unsuccessful bids for the first or the second times.

“You have to keep going for new routes of funding.

“Those bids that are successful have been working with the Heritage Lottery Fund for longer.”

Mr Hibberd said that the council was not relying just on the Heritage Lottery Fund as a source of funding but looking at other grants and opportunities including private investment.

Work is already starting thanks to a widely supported crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Derek John Wright Reply

    Join us on Facebook : Learn about the Terraces history join : Madeira Terraces and Black Rock Past Present and Future
    and to help us raise funds and awareness join Save Madeira Terraces Raffle Group
    Next fund raising is a bric a brac market along the sea front . Do you have anything to donate ? Drop of in Kemp Town

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