Beware the horror film scenario at the Brighton and Hove local elections in May

Posted On 16 Mar 2019 at 2:10 pm

If you, like me, scream at the next victim in a horror film – “Don’t go outside into the dark! You know what will happen!” – you will know it never ends well.

We have seen the spectacle of MPs resigning from the Labour Party, citing anti-semitic abuse and hijacking by the hard left and claiming that moderates will never again control the Labour Party.

We also learned what a hard-left Momentum-dominated Labour council would bring to Brighton and Hove, when some kind soul leaked their manifesto – called the “Many-Festo”.

A Labour council would, it appears, include a selective ban on cars and abolish bailiffs, suggesting those who won’t pay their council tax would not have to.

There are also rumours that a future Labour administration would see government-busting council tax increases.

Conservative proposals for the recent council budget would have brought a reduction in bureaucracy and waste, allowing a cut back in Labour’s council tax rise, while maintaining, and in some areas increasing, spending on essential services.

Digging deep into the accounts, we also found an additional £2.93 million to spend on much-needed investments in areas neglected by Labour: an extra £1.65 million on improving our road system, a pilot project to allow non-destructive verge-parking and an extra £1 million to help increase recycling levels and deal with graffiti and fly-tipping.

The Greens and Labour joined together to vote down our proposals. We still do not know why.

I welcomed Councillor Anne Meadows to the Conservatives after her resignation from Labour which means the Conservatives are now the largest party on Brighton and Hove City Council and, following normal and agreed cross-party convention, should have become the administration of the city.

The Greens, however, voted against the Conservatives, preferring to keep Labour in power.

The events described above means we have been warned – we can see it coming – I can hear you screaming – “a vote for Labour or the Greens will see the Jeremy Corbyn-supporting hard-left Momentum Labour Party running the council after the elections”.

It is only by supporting local Conservatives that this dreadful fate can be avoided.

Come with us and together, believe in a better Brighton and Hove.

Councillor Tony Janio is the leader of the opposition Conservatives on Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Rolivan Reply

    You are all as bad as each other.People are utterly fed up with The Major Partys in both Local and Government and you will get your come uppance at Election time.

  2. Stevie Reply

    Time for change – Let’s put our City back in its place as a Top destination to live, work & holiday. The Chairman of BHA has done this with our football club. Now it’s up to us the electorate to do so in May.

    Can anyone hand on heart actually vote Labour – if you have the best interests of this city?

    Vote blue, or another party – but red? Absolutely no way.

  3. Bryan Reply

    Not one person is reliable and intersted in their city. As Lord Sugar commented these are a bunch of ******who know nothing don’t have a clue and are only intersted in their own gain. Nothing more than that to say.

  4. Josip Broz Tito Reply

    More chance of voting for a Monster Raving Looney led administration than right thinking Brighton people letting the Tories take over. There’s a reason the three constituencies covering our great city don’t have one Tory between them. We don’t want you in our city.

    I’m not mad keen on the Labour party right now but if it’s a choice of voting for them or letting the Tories take over then sign me up to Momentum because I would sooner tape wasps to my genitals than have a conservative council.

    • Tom Reply

      Buzz off then – we’ve had enough of the left wing graffitti, mismanagement, filth of the hard left – bring back the Conservatives & please make our lovely home as nice as Worthing or Eastbourne

      • Josip Broz Tito Reply

        Yes because Worthing is a place to aspire to.

        Honestly, if you don’t like Brighton don’t live here. It’s an expensive place to live so if you don’t fit in with the liberal and tolerant progressive politics of our great city, go and up sticks to Worthing or Eastbourne where you can enjoy criminally underfunded local services.

        The whole of the south of England is overrun with Tories so you’ve plenty of choice. Brighton is proud to be a pocket of resistance so don’t bring your outdated selfish attitudes here and spoil what remains the greatest place to live on this entire island.

        This is our city and it’s a city to be proud of. Conservatives aren’t welcome here, as evidenced by the overwhelming number of votes against them in all three of our parliamentary seats.

        We don’t want your politicians and we don’t want you on our council.

  5. karen young Reply

    It makes me cry to drive through Brighton….and drive through it is what I do….I would rather shop anywhere than in this dirty stinking joyless sh#thole. Its not just Worthing and Eastbourne that are better…try Burgess Hill, Horsham and Crawley…all are cleaner and just better kept. My heart bleeds for people who spend money to come to Brighton on holiday. Graffiti, drunks, dirt, rubbish, crumbling roads, tent cities and the all pervading smell of urine are the memories they will take away with them.

  6. Ste Reply

    So a hit-piece full of lies from the local Tories. What a change that makes. Ha. No mention of official figures on antisemitism, no mention of the higher level in his own party, no mention of his party’s hostile environment, of Windrush or Grenfell, of the Islamophobia inquiry being asked for by a leading Tory peer.
    Then all that bull is washed down with the laughable mistake of thinking The Argus story was a “Momentum manifesto” when it was neither a Momentum document NOR a manifesto. lol! It was a list of suggestions from consultations. NEVER TRUST A TORY.

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