Five new homes approved in Portslade street

Cars will not be able to reach five new homes approved for a Portslade street.

A removable bollard would prevent cars from reaching the proposed houses on land behind 20 Rowan Close but would allow the emergency services to get through.

The scheme is for four three-bedroom houses – built as two blocks of semi-detached homes – and one detached five-bedroom house.

North Portslade councillor Peter Atkinson spoke on behalf of residents who sent 16 letters against the scheme.

He told Brighton and Hove City Council’s Planning Committee that neighbours in Rowan Close were concerned about parking which was more strained due to three new developments in the area.

He said: “We have had incidents where refuse and recycling trucks couldn’t get through due to parked cars.

“I also had a situation where a resident needed to be able to call on the police quickly and was concerned that their arrival might be impeded.”

The developer Michael Deller said that he understood the concerns and told the Planning Committee that he had originally planned for parking spaces on the site.

During a pre-application meeting Mr Deller said that council officers said that there was a bus stop very close by on Mile Oak Road making public transport viable.

He also said that there were more than 30 garages available in the immediate area.

Mr Deller said: “We discussed  with the council the vehicle access compared to pedestrian access and pedestrian was found to be the best way go.

“We discussed parking and it was the recommendation of the council that we not have parking on the site.”

Labour councillor Daniel Yates said: “As soon as someone knows there is a bollard to take out, the bollard gets taken out. They disappear and people start driving across. I’m sorry, I’m a cynic.”

He was told that it would stop people from parking there and reversing out of the site.


Conservative councillor Carol Theobald was sad to see the loss of a “rather grand” tree on the property but it was not protected by a tree preservation order. She voted against the scheme.

Councillor Theobald said: “These properties would be quite small. Five is too much for this piece of land.

“I feel cars should be allowed up that way. As to say you don’t need the car in that area, you’re a long way from the city centre. If you can’t use the bus or cycle, it’s just not feasible.”

Green councillor Leo Littman said: “Given the size of the plot and the narrow entrance, I think this is a great opportunity to get a few more units in the area.

“The gardens will be smaller and the houses are narrow but that is the character of the area.”

Councillors voted eight to one for the scheme.

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