Brighton venue’s neighbour complains about noise, fights and anti-social behaviour

A late-night venue in Brighton must wait to find out whether it can have a new premises licence after a neighbour complained about noise, fights and anti-social behaviour.

Warren Francis also said that people had been seen urinating near No 32, formerly Havana, in Duke Street, Brighton, and in Duke’s Court.

The bar and restaurant’s owner Behnam Samandi originally applied to update the licence for the venue but found that the previous one had lapsed.

Now he faces a Brighton and Hove City Council licensing panel next week when three councillors will decide whether to grant a new premises licence and if so, for what hours.

Sussex Police and the council’s Licensing Team have held discussions with Mr Samandi and have agreed draft times and conditions with him.

If the proposals are accepted by the licensing panel, the venue would open at 8.30am on Sunday to Wednesday and close at 2.30am the next morning with last orders at 2am.

On Thursday to Saturday, No 32 would open at 8.30am and close at 4.30am the next morning with last orders at 4am.

The objection from Mr Francis, of Duke Street, said: “For the past 14 and a half years we have witnessed at first hand the impact the opening of a late-night venue at No 32 has had on the noise levels in Duke Street throughout the week.

“Specifically, we have experienced additional noise caused by music played within No32, such soundproofing as has been installed being rendered ineffective when the front doors to the venue are held open, as is often the case on busy nights.

“Music is also played externally from the front balcony area on some evenings which is much louder.

“The external music should stop by 11pm but that has not happened on a number of occasions and we have had to ask for the music to be turned off.

“In addition, music has been played from the balcony area early on Sunday mornings.

“In addition to the music from No 32 itself, we have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour directly outside the venue such as frequent fights, people urinating both in Duke Street itself and Duke’s Court … and large and noisy groups of people waiting to enter No 32 or loitering outside, having just left it at any time between midnight and 5am.

“We of course appreciate that No 32 is a business and as such always looking for new and interesting ways to continue trading.

“However, we have grave concerns about allowing such extended times for all the various performance requests that run from 8.30am to 6am Friday (and) Saturday and then to between 8.30am to up to 4am Sunday to Thursday.

“Finally, we also attribute an increase in the numbers of buskers playing in Duke Street into the early hours of the morning (many using amplifiers) to the increased footfall caused by the presence of a night club.

“Since the council noise patrol was disbanded, we have limited power to persuade buskers to play at reduced volumes – either by direct request or by calling the police.”

A report to the council licensing panel has been published. It said: “The applicant considers that the measures as to hours, supervision and operation of the premises are appropriate and proportionate.”

Police have asked that if No 32 is granted a licence, it should use an ID scanning system after 10pm when door staff are on duty.

The licensing panel is due to meet next Monday (23 September) at Hove Town Hall. The meeting is scheduled to start at 10am and should be open to the public.

  1. Chippps Reply

    Is this place a relative to Third Avenue Hove (previously another Havana’s) by any chance? I think it is and is just as bad with noise and fights!
    Why on earth are venues with late opening (or early in the case of 0830 on a Sunday!!!) even granted a licence in areas where folks reside?! Just unbelievable!

  2. Paul Reply

    What does the lady expect ????
    She lives in the centre of town. People come to Brighton for Stag & Hen parties, university and college students come to party , and local residents come to eat, drink and party. It’s always been like this for years. It’s part of the Brighton economy. If you don’t like it, don’t live in the centre of town.

    • Carole Reply

      Paul, Duke St has always been relatively quiet. If this were West St I would agree with you. Thinking about it perhaps only West Street should be allowed those hours.

  3. Lily Reply

    The centre of Brighton is where people come on the weekend to drink, eat, dance. everyone who lives in Brighton and hove knows that the centre of town is always going to be the loudest place to live. how can a bar/club receive a noise complaint when the main attraction to a place is there music. If people are going to complain about the noise from bars move into hove NOT in the centre of a busy city.

    • Carole Reply

      Theres noise and there’s noise. That balcony is unnecessarily loud even if they want to attract customers.

  4. Julia Reply

    If you want peace and quiet, don’t leave in the centre of town! Brighton’s economy relies on businesses open late at night and this place is much better than anywhere on West street.
    Typical case of interfering neighbours who want everything their own way.

    • Carole Reply

      At 14 years this is a relative newcomer to the street which has an incredibly hard acoustic. I expect the neighbours (there can’t be many as most properties are commercial) were there before the license was granted. Do you think it’s ok for people to poss anywhere and have fights?It’s the responsibility of the licensee to prevent that behaviour.

  5. Trollstation Reply

    Repeat on Blind Tiger incoming

  6. Steve Reply

    For people who have lived in duke street for many years i can only feel for them!
    For new residents you choose to live in a busy part of town,so no sympathy!!
    Customers leaving and causing trouble shame on you!
    Think that customers who use this bar should leave their addresses so we can all pop round the next day and piss on their door steps!!!!

  7. Olivia Reply

    Bar 32 has always been one of my favourite clubs with the best music in town. I think it is ridiculous that one woman can change the destiny of a whole business and destroy so many people’s happiness. People go to town in the evenings to have fun on a night out. If you’re living here it is entirely your decision.

  8. Maria Reply

    No 32 is a great restaurant and fantastic night club at the weekends.
    I’m a regular customer there and me and my friends enjoying going to this night club on regular basis.
    We have sat on the balcony on many occasions and the music was never too loud to disturb the neighbours and the same time after around 10:30 pm we have been told by the security to go inside, just to make sure the neighbourhood not to be disturbed.

    Carole how can you say that people who go to have a fun and to enjoy a dance in No 32 will go and create a trouble outside on Dukes Street and urinate on Street.
    No 32 have toilets inside!!!
    It was probably just drank people who walked from the town centre.

    Don’t you have a better things to do then accusing this local business with this nonsense?

    I have a great solution for you ….why don’t you just move to a quieter part of Brighton and let people to have a good time and make nice memories from a night out in Brighton.
    I give you example…Last week I’ve met in No 32 a group of people from Holland and they said it’s a best nightclub in Brighton!

  9. Teresa Reply

    The closure of Blind Tiger was due to a complaint by a neighbour who moved in a long time after the venue had been opened. It was outrageous that the complaint succeeded. This is different as the flats were occupied ages BEFORE this venue opened. Why shouldn’t people live in the centre of town? It makes it much safer and why should the centre be the privilege of drunken younger people?

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