Parking chiefs to assess requests for new parking zones

Nine more neighbourhoods have asked for parking zones for their communities in the past two years.

Most, if not all, appear to have been prompted by displacement as new schemes have started in nearby areas.

Now some of the communities look likely to have their requests assessed as parking chiefs review some existing schemes and draw up priorities for action over the next three years.

The plan for the next phase of parking schemes and reviews, from 2020 to 2023,  is going before Brighton and Hove City Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee next Tuesday (8 October).

The first priority is a review of the Zone J area around London Road station, starting in the latter half of 2020.

A petition signed by 374 people was submitted in June 2018, from people in the area concerned about internal commuting within the zone that stretches from Preston Drove to Viaduct Road, taking in part of Round Hill and Argyle Road and Campbell Road off New England Road.

It originally included the streets between Viaduct Road and Ditchling Rise only.

The report said: “It was outlined that the original advantage of the controlled parking zone (CPZ) was that the residents could park during the day, and overnight within reasonable walking distance of their homes.

“However, it was felt that Zone J has now become too large following extensions to the scheme. Since the extension of Zone J north of the railway line residents have had parking difficulties particularly in the evening.”

Second priority is given to the new Hove Park Zone P area that launched in September.

In the weeks since the new zone was introduced people living in streets just outside the area have contacted the council as people without permits for this area are now parked outside their homes.

People living in Hazeldene Meads and The Beeches in Withdean ward made representations about parking through their former councillor Nick Taylor in November 2017 and October 2018.

These roads were not included in the Hove Park area consultation.

The report to the committee said: “It has been outlined by officers that a representation should be made to this committee to gauge the support for a parking scheme in this area.

“In the meantime the council is considering further double yellow lines in these roads to deter obstructional parking.”

Reviews of Westbourne west (Zone W) and west Hove (Zone L) as well as considering including Hallyburton Road and surrounding streets in a zone south of the Old Shoreham Road, are the third set of priorities earmarked for 2021.

West Hove residents presented a 42-signature petition asking for Saxon Road to be included in the Zone L area in November 2018.

In March this year a deputation of residents in the Lawrence Road area in Westbourne ward asked for a review of their area, Zone W, as they were suffering the impact of the neighbouring Zone L.

The Roedean area is due for consultation in late 2021 to 2022, in response to a 174-signature petition presented in June 2019.

Hollingdean is listed last with officers looking at the area from 2022 to 2023.

They want to assess the impact of any potential parking zone in the Coombe Road area, which is currently under consultation.

This is in response to three petitions from residents presented in March 2019.

These were a petition signed by 38 residents in Stanmer Park Road, a 192-signature petition from Hollingdean Terrace, Roedale Road, Dudley Road and Upper Hollingdean Road, calling for parking zone consultations after vehicles were displaced from Zone J and other nearby zones.

And the same committee was presented with a petition signe by 364 people to maintain free parking in Hollingdean.

A seven-signature petition from people in the Manor Hill area was deemed to have not enough support to continue at this stage.

Current work under way are reviews of Zones S and V in Hanover and Elm Grove area, event-day parking around the Moulsecoomb and Coldean areas, the Coombe Road area, and in South Portslade as well as the upcoming Surrenden area parking scheme consultation due to start in January.

The proposals are due to go before the Environment, Transport and Sustainabilty Committee at Hove Town Hall next Tuesday (8 October)

The meeting is due to start at 4pm and should be open to the public.

  1. Rob Reply

    no mention of surrenden area haha
    karma for breaking the law and spray painting / tyre slashing peoples legally parked vehicles much?

  2. j w brittain Reply

    lets be honest the council don’t give a dam about its residents ,once you have parking zones ,the will increase it every year and they say its the government .now on there parking forms they ask you for your emission rating low ,medium or high if its high it increases from 125 per year to 163. what has emissions got to do with parking .all the council want to do is waist money .just take a look at bottom of Edward street ,what a waste of our money that is where the emissions come in running around looking for parking spaces so you can go shopping so the shops can survive .

  3. Dom Reply

    Portslade is part of Brighton & Hove too…. why no mention of us in your article?

    • Dom Reply

      oops, a tiny bit right at the end 🤣

  4. Dave Reply

    Have called the police about The Beeches. Left my car there at the weekend, blocked in with cones after and someone has keyed it really bad on both sides. I have camera in car so we know who it was. But they can’t legally put cones there or damage cars, disgusting.

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