Brighton and Hove Conservatives welcome extra cash for schools

Posted On 12 Oct 2019 at 12:10 am

Brighton and Hove Conservative leader Steve Bell said that he welcomed news of extra cash for every school in the city.

He said that the announcement by the government yesterday would mean that every school in Brighton and Hove would receive “per pupil” funding rising at least in line with inflation.

Councillor Bell said that he lobbied Boris Johnson during the Tory leadership contest in the summer to push for additional funding for schools in Brighton and Hove.

The new Conservative government had listened, he said, with the Prime Minister pledging to invest an extra £14 billion in schools over the next three years.

Council covid support

More money would be allocated for children with special needs – and teachers would also receive a boost to their pensions as well.

Councillor Bell said: “This is fantastic news for the city. It is a good start to see our schools properly funded. There is more which needs to be done but this is a great start.

“I am so pleased to see that Boris Johnson is listening and delivering on his early promises made on the campaign trail.

“I call on the council and the administration now to ensure this funding goes straight to the schools and to our children’s education and not to sit in the coffers at Hove Town Hall.”

  1. Sally Reply

    ” every school in Brighton and Hove would receive “per pupil” funding rising at least in line with inflation.!

    How very generous of the Conservatives, “at least in line with inflation”…. So either static or a small increase, if you’re lucky.

  2. Solly Reply
    If only Labour hadn’t left the coffers empty – see the link to the ex-Treasury Chief Secretary’s apology for his apology – then schools and other services wouldn’t have faced the same level of spending constraints over the last eight years.

  3. db Reply

    It’s a bit pointless / weak blaming Labour for the state of the schools now!

    Isn’t it 9 years of Tory asset stripping that has reduced schools to the bare bones status they are now in – especially true for SEN which has been cut back immensely! FE is in an even worse state.

    Obviously Boris has found a forest of magic money trees now though but there’s a long way to go to restore things to parity.

    Clearly he’s going full on Trump – promise anything whatsoever -it doesn’t matter if you don’t deliver as it will always be someone else’s fault!

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