Vegan protesters ushered out of McDonald’s during third protest there

Posted On 12 Nov 2019 at 12:45 pm

An irritated security guard has been caught on camera pushing vegan activists out of McDonald’s on London Road, Brighton as they staged their third protest there.

A DxE Brighton protester was convicted in September of criminal damage after throwing fake blood over the walls, furniture and ordering machines there in May.

During this protest on Saturday night, activists simply unfurled a sign and chanted “it’s not food, it’s violence” over and over again.

But the security guard was determined to make them leave, and the video shows him shoving first the two men and then the women out of the fast food restaurant.

One of the men tells the guard he’s not allowed to touch them, and later one of the women tells him that he’s being filmed, but he continues until all of them are outside.

As the guard pulls one of the men along the floor after he sits down, the woman filming says he is being “extremely violent”, adding: “He definitely has a lot of pent up anger.”

Customers watching the drama unfold seem unperturbed, and at one point, one replies to the chanting by saying: “It tastes lovely!”

A DxE spokeswoman said: “It is no surprise that when attempting to peacefully disrupt violence towards innocent animals, we are met with so much aggression and violence.

“We will keep returning to places that objectify animals and take their rights from them until they get protection under law and the justice they deserve.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Police were called to a report of a group of seven vegan activists protesting in McDonald’s in London Road, Brighton, just before 8pm on Saturday (November 9).

“When officers arrived they had left the store. There were no offences reported.”

  1. Rachel Reply

    I’ve got no problem with vegans being vegans but i do object to them trying to force their opinions on others. I don’t go into vegan restaurants protesting about their choices which also have consequences. Do they really think this type of behaviour helps their cause.

    • JiffyJeff Reply

      What a strange thing to say, you don’t have a problem with people opposing animal suffering? Specifically what opinions do they hold that you don’t? Do you enjoy animal slaughter & environmental destruction on a large scale? Aren’t you opposed to eating dogs and hunting, if so, just how different are the animals in question?
      Oh please, what consequences does being vegan have that doesn’t apply to animal agriculture?
      Obviously it does, publicity & forcing society to confront the issue.

    • ChrisC Reply

      perhaps meat eaters should invade vegan shops and restaurents and try these same tactics of disrupting legal businesses

      I don’t think they would just stand aside but call security / police nd demand they be removed.

      • JiffyJeff Reply

        And protest what exactly? There’s no injustice attached to whats being served at these establishments. Why are people defending a massive corporation that puts out local business, makes rich people richer & poorer people fat all the while abusing animals?!

        • ChrisC Reply

          I’m not defending a massive corporation but note that most McDonalds andother fast food shops are franchises owned and run by an individual business owner not by the corporation.

          Also remember thet some of these people have also invaded small, local businesses (such as the shops in the North Laine) that had to close and so lose business.

          You could go into a vegan shop and protest anything you wanted – meat eaters could simply protest against vegan protestors for disrupting the businesses they visit as perfectly legal customers.

          • JiffyJeff

            Irrelevant, who’s really lining their pockets?
            But what exactly are they protesting? You’re talking about business making money off animal abuse & environmental destruction, cant you blame them for doing all they can to stop the mistreatment of sentient beings?
            That seems like a very childish attitude, legality shouldn’t dictate morality. We should all make more of an effort to be a little more compassionate & make ethical choices where possible.

          • ChrisC

            Yes they can protest but they have no right to invade any business premises and cause havoc.

            I do make ethical choices. One of my choices is not to invade a business that whether you like what they are selling or not is still operating within the law.

        • Michael Banister Reply

          Jiffy, your’s is an opinion, and you’re more than entitled to that. Protesting in public places is legal. McDonald’s is a private commercial property. If you are asked to leave, and refuse, you’re trespassing. That is illegal, eating a delicious burger isn’t. I respect your right to your opinion, respect other people’s right to live how they want

  2. ChrisC Reply

    Why are you showing this video? It serves to do noting more to pick on the security guard who is only doing his job and using reasonable force to protect the private property these people have invaded.

    If these people have an iassue then they should go to the police and complain about being assaulted. But there is no assault.

    If they want to stand outside and wave signs then they can but they have no rights to invade private property and cause a disturbance.

    • EarlJones Reply

      McDonalds being the ultimate, upstanding company that it is.

  3. Rostrum Reply

    He has every right to eject anyone who refuses to remove themselves. They have no ‘right to remain’ and one told to leave are required to do so.

  4. Argusnot Reply

    All that achieved was to make me fancy a burger and fries!

  5. Rolivan Reply

    Perhaps Vegans should start protesting at Herbicide and Pesticide Companies then they might get more support?

  6. Rolivan Reply

    To further my idea I see that the University of Sussex have done some research about how herbicides are killing off insects in apocolyptic proportions.

  7. Silly Moo Reply

    MMMn, I quite fancy a burger now, McDonalds it is! :o)

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