Temples ‘Mesmerise’ Brighton audience

Temples live at Komedia, Brighton 02.12.19 (pic Michael Hundertmark Photography) (click on pic to enlarge!)


Just emerging, with anticipation from a studio exile and recording the new album Hot Motion and with a European stint of the tour behind them, Temples kick off their UK shows with the first stop being The Komedia in Brighton.

Temples originally formed in Kettering in 2012 by the singer James Bagshaw and bassist Tom Walmsey and later on the line-up was completed with the rhythm guitarist Adam Smith, but they had known each other for years before they formed! Having played major music festivals and supporting the likes of Suede, Mystery Jets and The Vaccines, you can see why Temples have found their feet and their fan-base has grown over the years!

Unexpected Gains live at Komedia, Brighton 02.12.19 (pic Michael Hundertmark Photography) (click on pics to enlarge!)

With the more tongue ‘n’ cheek glam rock style start to the evening, proceedings are under way with Unexpected Gains who are new project formed by Oli Pagnet-Moon and Jordan Cook from ‘Telegram’. A band that last played 3 years ago down the Hope and Ruin. Oli announces he last played the Komedia six years ago. The poets has clashing drums and guitar riffs to match the attitude. Further political inspired songs ‘Tax Return’ and ‘Maggie’ follow in a punk rock style with the audiences filling up the downstairs room rapidly ready for Temples to come on stage.

Temples live at Komedia, Brighton 02.12.19 (pic Michael Hundertmark Photography) (click on pics to enlarge!)

With the opening words and James Bagshaw of Temples proudly entering the centre of the stage, “How is Brighton? .. last time we played closer to the beach” proclaims the frontman who launches straight into ‘The Howl’ with marching drums, verse and intricate guitars. The heavy synth and guitars balances perfectly in the more melodic track of ‘Certainty’, a darker twist from Temples taken from the previous ‘Volcano’ album. As The Komedia heats up, fans tightly packed in, the new melodies appear to sit just as tight as the old and it is clear in spite of the longer time away, Temples have not lost their magic with showcasing ‘Holy Horses’ and ‘Context’ taken straight from the new ‘Hot Motion’ album.

Half way through the set, Bagshaw points to the fanatically dancing girls down the front, who all know the songs and lyrics, polity smiling, “You carry on what you are doing!”.

The band have gained great success with the psychedelia inspired debut ‘Sun Structures’ album and their certainly don’t shy away in new directions and material. With a huge cheer from the audience and short wait, Temples perform the all-time favourite, ‘Mesmerise’, with the longest heard guitar riffs and bassline combined with the harmonic vocals bring the evening to a satisfying close. Judging by the performance of the new material and stage presence at the Komedia tonight, one can only get excited about what the band will bring next!

Temples setlist reads:
‘The Howl’
‘A Question Isn’t Answered’
‘You’re Either On Something’
‘Colours To Life’
‘Holy Horses’
‘The Golden Throne’
‘Oh The Saviour’
‘Hot Motion’
‘The Beam’
‘Keep In The Dark’
‘Shelter Song’

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Temples setlist

Tour flyer

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