Dipping platform finally opens almost a year late after health and safety delays

Posted On 23 Jan 2020 at 2:18 pm

The fenced off jetty in Queen’s Park

A jetty over Queen’s Park pond is set to open in March – almost a year late following health and safety delays.

The jetty was built in 2019 after park visitors were asked to choose how to spend money contributed by local developers – either to rework its quiet garden to open it up and deter drug users, or to create a dipping platform.

The platform project was chosen and the jetty was completed to the original designs by May – but a surprise inspection by the Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents meant it has remained fenced off ever since.

The council decided that issues raised by the inspectors meant it needed extra work to make it safe for buggies and small children – and delays to that work meant it has stayed closed.

But the work – to stop buggies rolling off the deck and installing a fence to stop unaccompanied children get onto the deck – should start shortly, and the jetty should now open in March.

The water in the pond is one and a half feet deep, and there are no railings separating the pond from the path which runs along most of its perimeter.

Resident Ken Frost, who has been asking City Parks when it will open for many months now, said: “I am pleased that the jetty might finally open in March, almost one year behind schedule.

“However, it beggars belief that the health and safety issues that apparently have caused these delays, were not identified and addressed at the planning and design stage.”

A council spokeswoman said: “The new deck should be open by the end of March. Work includes over 20 meters of new perimeter planting and 100 white Lilly-pad plants.

“Safety measures include a feature to help prevent buggies and wheelchairs rolling off the deck and a fence to restrict access for unaccompanied small children.

“We are sorry the work has taken longer than planned – for various reasons, including staff having to prioritise other parks’ work and some supplier delays.

“Once complete, the new deck will be an attractive feature and something we hope everyone, as well as the ducks, can use and enjoy.”

  1. Tim Reply

    Seriously the pond isn’t fenced and shouldn’t be. The point of a year’s discussion amounts to fraud. How much have people been paid to talk about this non issue

  2. Rick Smallman Reply

    If memory serves, the Pond has never been fenced off. In the late 50s and early 60s it was one of our regular places to play. Regards

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