Seafront café owners submit plans for beach seating terrace

The owners of a seafront café want to create an outdoor seating area with bench tables and booths.

Grand Junction café

Mr and Mrs Lee Foo have submitted plans for the proposed beach-level seating terrace outside Grand Junction café, in King’s Road Arches, to Brighton and Hove City Council.

They want to fence the seating area with weathered timber sleepers and said that all the wooden furnishings would be made from pressure-treated timber.

The wooden boundary wall would be cut into a wave pattern, similar to the timbers at the nearby Oh So Social restaurant, just to the west of Grand Junction.

And their planned permanent glass and steel windbreak, above the sleeper wall, was described as similar to the i360’s balustrade.

The plans can be seen by searching for BH2020/00800 on the council’s website at

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