Forty stolen bikes found in Brighton

Posted On 06 May 2020 at 11:54 am

About 40 bikes – believed to have been stolen – have been found in the back garden of a property in Brighton.

Sussex Police said that they hoped to return the bikes – some of them “high value” – to their owners.

The force said: “Police are seeking to reunite these bikes with their rightful owners.

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“Approximately 41 bicycles and parts – suspected stolen – have been recovered from a garden in Roedean, Brighton.

“It follows concerns for a vulnerable elderly man who is reported to have had unknown people camping at the bottom of his garden.

“Officers attended the scene on Saturday 25 April and discovered the encampment and a large number of bikes.

“They returned the following day and engaged with a small group of people who were present.

“However, they denied any involvement and they could not be directly linked to the bikes or the encampment.

“The encampment was therefore dismantled and all property seized.

“Police are now urging anyone who believes one of the bikes belongs to them, and can legitimate their claim with relevant documents, to come forward.

“You can contact police online or call 101, quoting serial 831 of 24/04.”

Inspector Karen Osborn said: “Our officers swiftly responded to concerns for an elderly man and subsequently discovered a large number of bikes – ranging from high to low value – which have now been recovered.

“This demonstrates our commitment not only to preventing and detecting crime but also to protecting vulnerable people in our communities.”

  1. Natashs johns Reply


    I had my bike stolen around 6 weeks ago.

    Its a white and red specialozed rockhopper with muddyfox forks and I think a 17″ frame.

  2. ben pedelty Reply

    i had three stolen, is there and more pictures? giant reign, norco fluid and pinnacle iroko

  3. Robert Whitehead Reply

    Robert here


    My bike was stolen in December last year,it’s quite recognisable.

    Small Single gear

    Light blue frame, steel handle bars, orange grips, seat and chain.

  4. Max Headroom Reply

    It’s the ‘street community’ that steal many of the bikes. The hostels/hotels in Regency Square are currently full of the ‘street community’ and suddenly they all seem to have bikes? The ‘street community’ are above the law. They’ve taken over Regency Square, the antisocial behaviour is extreme. When the police arrive they are laughed at and shouted at – the police then leave with their tails between their legs.

    • Sydney Reply

      By street community I’m assuming you mean homeless people? So you’re blaming the homeless people who have been placed in Regency Square even though the article clearly states the bike were found in a garden in Roedean. You sound like a delightful person.

  5. Will Reply

    If these are from locals, which it seems is likely, then emailing a series of photos to local shops is probably the best, fastest way to get in touch with the owners – bike shop staff being amazing at remembering the smallest of detail about bikes they have worked on, and often being the first point of contact from people who have had their bike stolen.

  6. Chris Reply

    I had my norco sight stolen December 18 from Bristol…slim chance I know… But if you have a norco I can provide the spec to confirm or otherwise.

    • A Reply

      What colours were your Norco Sight?

  7. mike Reply

    I seized a bike today that was known to have been stolen just half a mile away outside a shop on Tuesday, the owner of the bike had just been telling me about the theft when a known junkie and prolific bike thief went by on it and stopped a shop not 50 yards away. it was as much as i could do to stop the loser belting 6 bags out of the thief. The most prolific bike thieves are junkies, this particular one had another bike within the hour. i should add that I have a bike shop and the loser was in the throws iof buying a bike,

  8. Di E Reply

    If every bike owner registered their bike with Bike Vault, for free, this would help the process of returning stolen bikes greatly.

  9. Simon King Reply

    The people in the tents denied all knowledge of the stolen bikes??
    Come off it!!!
    They could have at least finger printed them to ascertain of their finger prints are all over the bikes!
    They could then cross check with any cctv cameras when these bikes were stolen.
    Even if a few of these culprits were found guilty of these thefts, it would at least prove that the law in this country is neither incompetent or useless!

  10. chris keeping Reply

    I had a GIANT XTC stolen from Hampton Court last week. Small frame but vivid red saddle and unique limited spoke wheels. Here’s hoping = )

  11. Tracey Smith Reply

    Labour would sort this by educating and rehabilitating people that need to steal because of austerity

    There will be more thefts after Covid because government has it supported business enough or upped benefits

    Election now

    Labour in. Help poor. More benefits. Affordable housing. Tax rich. Fair world

  12. allan orman Reply

    is there an Eddy Merckx EM3 road bike, red and white black pedals/

  13. Jason Reply

    So what happens to the bikes that arnt claimed can i buy one

  14. Claire Jeffery Reply

    My daughter had a grey Marin bike stolen at Hampden Park train station earlier this year – might possibly be there x

  15. Josh Reply

    Slim chance, but I had a red/white/black battaglin racer stolen about 6 months ago. If there is one I can provide proof of purchase etc.

  16. Keith Fuell Reply

    I had a customised Giant Anthem X stolen in January. I thought it was distinctive, black and white, with white wheel rims and white pedals. I would love to have it back.

  17. Dr Simon Purwar Reply

    My bike was stolen in Feb 2019. It was an all black hybrid style bike called Focus Planet with black Kojak tyres.

  18. Leandra Badruzaman Reply

    Hi my bike is blue white and grey and not the biggest I’m sixteen and my dad bought it for me so I don’t have any verification but I’ll try to find some I have a photo of me with the bike though !!

  19. Arduino Reply

    Those bikes was stolen by homless Polish people that’s living in tents.
    They been locking bikes everywhere around that aeria aswell. Low life people that need to support there amfetamin habbits.
    Check on fb
    Michal Busko Angelina leks

  20. John paul Reply

    In case you were wondering about the yellow tags put on bikes around town they are bikes that have been there for some time the council come out and use a cordless grinder to remove theses bike & take ..? Where it came to my attention that better bikes were being tagged in this yellow labeled stating that it will be removed in a number of days/ theses so called council workers are themselves targeting good bike over other bikes that are considered dumped i believe through my constant observation theses men are selling on theses bike to a third party they are basicly stealing them by using there council work as a cover .there are many

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