Black Lives Matter march through Brighton attracts 10,000 protesters

Posted On 13 Jun 2020 at 10:11 pm

An estimated 10,000 protesters attended a Black Lives Matter march in Brighton today (Saturday 13 June).

They were marching after the death of George Floyd in the American city of Minneapolis last month.

Sussex Police said that no arrests were made today although there were some tensions around the Old Steine war memorial.

A small group had gathered, saying that they also opposed racism but were there to protect the memorial in case others tried to daub it with graffiti.

They said that they were responding to the vandalising of the Cenotaph in London last weekend and the statue of Sir Winston Churchill.

Earlier today, roads were jammed with traffic and Sussex Police tweeted: “Motorists are being asked to avoid the major routes into Brighton which are currently experiencing major congestion and delays due to a large protest along city seafront.”

The demonstration started in Madeira Drive at lunchtime and – after a march through the centre of Brighton – ended up at The Level.

After speeches, the crowds had largely dispersed by late afternoon.

  1. TOWYN Reply

    Why is it, that whenever I look at the photos of the crowds I cannot pinpoint any person of any colour other than white? This is a BLM protest photo right? I’m sure people of colour were there, how many exactly is a different subject.

    I mean good on them if the white people wholeheartedly believe that standing up to eradicating racism via protests through lockdown is the answer to racism.

    As a resident and as someone who is not pure white, I can say that no-one has actually knocked at my door or on the rare occasion I’ve been out actually instigated anything differently. No-one has asked me to comment or asked for my views. Why is that? Why doesn’t anyone here want to hear from real people who have really experienced racism?

    Nothing is different other than I feel way more removed from everyone and at the same time am being instructed through mainstream media that I have a problem because of the colour of my skin and need to get angry about it.

    What the actual what now?!?

    I find myself leaning to the right which is not something I’d ever thought as conceivable.

    • Stains Reply

      I was amused to see a bunch of White, middle-class girls in their early Twenties (probably called Minty or Portia) making Black Power salutes.

      So Trendy! So woke!

  2. Two Reply

    Town cos they are being played, 24 black people were killed in Chicago last weekend and 85 shot. Do you hear anything from BLM? No of course not because they can’t make political capital from it or money. Last tuesday BLM received its largest ever day of donations 250 million dollars in a day which will go to fund the democratic party nominee. That’s right the democratic party. The party that gave america the JIM CROW LAWS. malcolm X always said beware of the northern fox! If these people had brains they’d be really really dangerous.

  3. Trevor P Reply

    Black lives matter.
    Let’s pay Boris back for supporting the rich m8

  4. Aram Papikyan Reply

    These people cause nothing but trouble wherever they go.

  5. Garrison F Reply

    Just don’t trash the city and what is it with the inane BLM tagging on every street corner and lamp post? Detracts from the message and focuses attention elsewhere. Behave, be respectful of the city and be peaceful

  6. Garrison F Reply

    Nowhere near 10,000

  7. Billy Reply

    Note that this article is from the first BLM demo, held in June, not the July one.

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