‘Racist’ coronavirus free sheet prompts warning from council

Posted On 19 Jun 2020 at 6:45 pm

A free sheet was labelled “racist” and “full of distortions” by Brighton and Hove City Council today (Friday 19 July).

The Epoch Times has been posted through thousands of people’s letterboxes across Brighton and Hove over the past few days.

It blamed the Chinese Communist Party for the spread of covid-19 and accused party bosses of covering up the facts about the coronavirus.

The sub-heading on the front page said: “The Chinese Communist Party’s cover up led to a pandemic that now threatens the lives of people around the globe. What really happened and what lessons can we learn?”

The council said: “We’re asking residents to rely on official sources of information following distribution of a publication containing misleading stories harmful to our communities.”

Labour councillor Carmen Appich, who chairs the Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee, said: “I am dismayed that this publication is being circulated in the city.

“Despite appearing professionally produced, it’s full of distortions and messaging that is frankly racist. It’s clear the organisation behind it is not to be trusted.

“We do not tolerate any form of hate in this city. Publications like this are not welcome here and will be referred to the police.

“We’ve made a commitment to amplify our actions on anti-racism to make sure everyone can live a full life free from discrimination and harm.

“We stand together with all of our communities and we are here to support anyone who has been harmed by receiving this publication or by any hate incident.”

The Wikipedia website described the Epoch Times as a “media extension of the Falun Gong new religious movement” which supports right-wing politicians including the American president Donald Trump.

Wikipedia also said: “Falun Gong practitioners in China are reportedly subject to a wide range of human rights abuses.

“Hundreds of thousands are estimated to have been imprisoned extrajudicially and practitioners in detention are subject to forced labour, psychiatric abuse, torture and other coercive methods of thought reform at the hands of Chinese authorities.”

  1. roy pennington Reply

    “here to support anyone who has been harmed by receiving this publication or by any hate incident.” = trawling and fishing

  2. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    I’m glad this racist propaganda has finally come to the attention of the local authority and, hopefully, the police. We’ve been receiving copies through our letterbox a couple of times a week for months, so there must be a truckful of them somewhere in the city.

    • Valerie Reply

      Falun Gong are Chinese & they started this publication in 2000. For its qigong & health practices the Chinese Govt persecuted them & now they fight back politically & in a cult-like distorted way. Its not racism. Wrong term.

      They are here grabbing opportunity to slag off the Chinese Govt using both coronavirus & Trump’s current attitude to China to press their own agenda. This internecine Chinese vs Chinese propaganda seeks allies, donors & expansion!

      Two copies of the April/May edition have now come through my letterbox.

      Cllrs are shooting off their mouthes to be seen to huff & puff without having looked into things first & properly!

    • Lewis Amstrong Reply

      How is criticizing a political party racists? People are blaming the Conservative government everyday so they are all racist. This accusation does not make sense to me.

  3. Sharon Reply

    The Chinese Communist Party is not a race. It is a ruthless political party that has been ruling China for seven decades. It is widely accepted that the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for at least 70 million of unnatural deaths. How could anyone, let alone the councillors, confuse a political party with a people?

  4. Victoria Reply

    China’s Communist Party doesn’t represent Chinese people. I don’t understand why the media are so protective of the communist party of China which has no respect for human rights around the world and it is their cover up caused the global pandemic.

  5. Ci Ling Reply

    As a Chinese who was born and brought up in China, I would say this paper is talking about the truth. The virus is not just harmful to UK people, but also killed many Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been educated people in China to hate the West and their values. The CCP has been killing Chinese people, not just Falun Gong practitioners. The 10-year Culture Revolution an various persecution caused more than 100 million deaths in China, 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, the one child policy cause 400 million forced abortions, millions Uyghur People in detention,suppression to Hong Kong protest until now……The CCP continues to commit crimes against humanity. Unfortunately the UK medias have turned a blind eye to the CCP’s crime to people. Many UK politicians only interest in the economic benefit. I would like to warn these people here, the CCP will use this pandemic and money to strain you until you knee down and died. The CCP has a hundred-year plan to control the world and make its world order. Wake up! People in the UK.

    • Meatball Reply

      Agree. How is criticizing a political party and it’s regime equal to being racist? In the Western world, citizens are criticizing all political parties all the time, they are all racists then…

    • Ci Ling Reply

      Correction: “The 10-year Culture Revolution an various persecution caused more than 10 million deaths in China, 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, the one child policy cause 40 million forced abortions, millions Uyghur People in detention,suppression to Hong Kong protest until now……” Not good at math when calculating in English 🙂

      • Ling Reply

        In fact, the figures in the original text is correct. The various revolutions caused 100 million deaths, the one child policy caused 400 million forced abortions……

    • A Bah Reply

      Thank you Ci Ling for your posts, and to those who point out the CCP is not a race, so many people in China are suffering from CCP policies and in Hong Kong as well. This council are so ignorant about what racism is and so keen to protect the CCP which is ridiculous. I really hope they get a more democratic government soon.

  6. roy pennington Reply

    Here in Bakers Bottom, it is Epoch Times-free: clearly not worth targeting …

  7. Ben Reply

    Interesting to read the council’s comments here. May I ask what racist comments you can quote from the paper? What misinformation you are referring to? It’s a very sad reality in this world, truth is not easy to speak out, isn’t it? political correctness ,right? That’s why our government, companies can turn their blind eyes to CCP’s forced organ harvesting from living people!!!

    What’ll be your council’s comments on the truth? Be yourself, face the truth, no one is blaming the Chinese people, but the CCP, the communist party. Shame on CCP!

  8. Orange Reply

    Can’t say it’s racist report as it is just trying to tell what CCP and its regime was doing during the pandemic, not Chinese people. When I read this paper, my heart was with the Chinese citizens who seem to be the victim of their government.

    • Kate Yew Reply

      Chinese government doesn’t represent the Chinese people. It is a dictatorship not much difference from North Korea in terms of human rights. How come Britain and Hove Council is so idiotic to protect a dictatorship in the name of being democratic? I don’t really get it. Nowadays people are obsessed to look nice and look democratic. Even be nice to a dictatorship which keeps oppressing its own people.

  9. Kelly Reply

    In fact, there are people in the UK are clear-headed:

    Charles Moore:Was Covid-19 created in a lab? China has some urgent questions to answer


    THIS is how to battle Beijing: Few understand China’s contempt for our way of life – and their determination to destroy it. NORMAN BAKER says we have no choice but to hit back


  10. James Mann Reply

    I think the council is confused with the concept of CCP and Chinese people, thus gives a rush and wrong conclusion.

  11. Peter Challis Reply

    Perhaps the council will also tell to only read the Guardian and the Socialist Worker, and avoid the Telegraph and the Daily Mail?

  12. Joy Reply

    I would like to understand how you came to this conclusion. The paper does not lambast the Chinese people, but rather, criticise the failings of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its handling of COVID-19. In a culture where freedom of speech is curtailed, it takes great courage to speak up.

    In regards to your points on the human rights abuses, I would like to draw your attention to the recent China Tribunal which was chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC (who formerly served as lead prosecutor of Slobodan Milosevic at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia — the ICTY), which conducted the first-ever independent legal analysis of all available evidence regarding forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China in order to determine if organ harvesting is happening and what criminal offences, if any, may have been committed by state or state-approved bodies, organisations or individuals in China that may have engaged in forced organ harvesting.

    Quote from Sir Geoffrey Nice QC Chair of the China Tribunal:-

    ‘Any person or organisation that interacts in any substantial way with the PRC – the People’s Republic of China – including:
    • doctors and medical institutions;
    • industry, and businesses, most specifically airlines, travel companies, financial services businesses, law firms, and pharmaceutical and insurance companies, together with individual tourists;
    • educational establishments; arts establishments
    should recognise that, to the extent revealed in this document, they are interacting with a criminal state.’

    For the full judgement please see: http://www.chinatribunal.com

  13. Bored in Hove Reply

    Demonising on the basis of a particular nationality (Chinese in this case) is defined as racist under UK law (this was passed by a Conservative government I think). So it’s not really “lefty pc councilors gone mad”. Just saying…

    • valerie Reply

      You have failed to understand that Falun Gong (Chinese) attacking their communist govt is not attacking a nationality. Its dirty politics attacking other dirty politics – even to the point of slander.

      NOTHING racist in it.

  14. PHILIP NASH Reply

    This is false information provided by the Falun Gong religious cult that believes in human levitation and multiple heavens for different races. However there is no heaven if you are of mixed race. Wikipedia is not a source of facts, merely a source of opinion provided by its writers, particularly when it comes to political issues.

    • Ling Reply

      The communist party is a real cult that follows the demons and destroys all religions in China. They worship blood, power and destruction. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spent the last 70 years to destroy the thousands of history and traditional values of China,brainwash and transform Chinese people into atheists. So that the CCP members would do any kinds of evil things including organ harvesting from live people.

      Falun Gong is a traditional Chinese spiritual practice that teaches people physical exercises, meditation and encourages people to follow the three principles of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” in their everyday lives. The practise simply aims to improve health, mind and body. Because it had profound impacts on people’s health and well-being, Falun Gong became very popular during the 1990s. However, the CCP and its leader didn’t like this popularity. In 1999, the CCP started brutal persecution against the practice and its followers. Also, the CCP is so afraid of the Falun Gong practitioners telling the truth and expose the CCP’s evil all over the world, it has controlled the Chinese state medias to slander Falun Gong for the last 20 years.

      Unfortunately the medias in the West are parroting the CCP’s propagandas, while the CCP has been pouring money into the pockets of the politicians, scientists, universities all over the world……Why? Because the CCP wants to expand its power and influence to make the world follows its order. But think about it UK people, do you really want your next generation to live under the control of communist? The CCP has killed at least 500 million Chinese including babies brutally in just 70 years, not to mention it enslaves and imprison people for its power and control.

      Further more, how many have been and are going to be killed in this ongoing pandemic of CCP virus?

      Why does Huawei want to tie up with the UK so badly? Why does the CCP set up Confucius Institute in the UK to teach communist ideology? In China the CCP has been educating people that the Confucian is fallacy since 1949?

      If you let the communist come to control/influence your media, economy and essential infrastructures,that would definitely make the real darkest moment in the UK.

  15. michal Reply

    I would like to ask Labour councillor Carmen Appich that say “We do not tolerate any form of hate in this city.” how someone in her position could be so biased.
    Please stop projecting your own insecurities on to the general public.Just to let you know i did grow up in communist regime and you have no idea how oppressive you sound right now…(how much did you get paid by the CCP)
    If someone is challenging the narrative status quo and speak the truth is labelled as racist and far-right, i thought this was country of freedom of speech and expression in any shape and form,but obviously i am mistaken. and also if she could point me out where in the paper it is racist…

  16. Charlie winter Reply

    I wonder if the Brighton &a hove council are benefiting in some way from the CCP through funding and the like, to jump on the racism bad wagon for a totalitarian dictatorship. The CCP is not China who are hard working good people. They have been lied to and brought out the worst in them/us. Falun Gong classes & literature are all free for everyone online; when one reads Mr Li Hongzhi’s books and articles there are many ways to understand them. it is the heart of someone that is important.
    Also in the yoga sutras (2500 years old) it talks about levitation. It all depends on how one can understand it at the present. This is just my understanding.

  17. Stefanos Reply

    I read this paper. I can’t imagine what the councillor Appich found to be racist. Actually, it’s pretty much the opposite. The paper talks about the Communist Party and how it actually suppresses Chinese people and how it mishandled the COVID-19 situation.

  18. Tracy Reply

    I wonder if Carmen Appich is being improperly influenced to take a particular stance as she seems to be lending support to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party ) who have been killing Chinese people for years as well as committing Live Organ Harvesting on Chinese people who follow principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. The CCP hates Falun Gong and hates the Falun Gong exposing the Truth about the CCP’s cruel, inhumane behaviour and mentality. Look up and read:
    Carmen, you make claims of distortion and racism yet when rationally asked to explain your reasoning you have failed to do so. Why are the stories misleading Carmen? Can you provide evidence to back up your claims. Is not your very accusation in fact you yourself demonstrating Bias, lack of respect, courtesy and consideration. Your comments could be seen to Not adhere to the ‘Code of Conduct for Councillors’ in many ways and under many headings. You should remember as stated in section 14 ‘You must treat everyone you come into contact with in the course of your work as a Councillor with courtesy and respect even if you disagree with their views’. Given the majority of comments here are Not in support of your views you do not have the right to speak for the general public or dictate decisions to restrict information as clearly the wider view of public interest appreciates access to truthful information. The Epoch Times tells the Truth to the worlds people of the crimes of hate committed by the CCP towards the Chinese people and the rest of humanity in all its different forms and ways. The only hatred and resistance is from the CCP and global communists who follow the same agenda, invariably crying racism and propaganda yet with no logical rational reasoning or facts to back up their cries.

  19. Viv Reply

    I think a lot of respondents are missing the point. The Epoch Times was unsolicited mail from a cult group, making unproven accusations about the origin of Covid-19. It went straight into my recycling bin, as all unsolicited mail does. There are many well-founded criticisms of the Chinese Communist Party from reputable sources – this was not one, and the sheet should not have been circulated to households.

  20. Tili Reply

    I am absolutely horrified that Brighton Council would collide and protect the criminal Chinese communist party who continue to harvest organs from people who pray or meditate ! https://youtu.be/RMVvmZgEhuE
    What on Earth is happening to British society when we protect criminals?! Absolutely disgraceful ! CCP agent infiltration in the West ! Just read ‘Hidden Hand’ Clive Hamilton
    Brighton councils stop being a mouthpiece for the CCP ! That is very dangerous for humanity

  21. Simon Fox Reply

    Li Hongzhi, the creator of the Falun Dafa/Falun Gong neo-religious cult is a conman and charlatan with a fully fledged messiah complex (he actually claims to be a God!). It is unfortunate that China’s leadership, occupied with the task of rebuilding China, re-engaging with the global community and embarking on the total elimination of of domestic poverty, allowed the sect to grow to the extent that it did.

    Like with many cults a lot of people were duped into joining and ended up losing everything. Having hijacked the ancient art of Qi Gong to lure people in Li Hongzhi proselytizes his self concocted set of cultic doctrines to swindle money out of them by exercising ‘spiritual control’. Just as with Scientology, people who decide to leave are excommunicated by the cult and by their own families who remain, some even beaten and murdered.

    Of course, once the extent of his bamboozle became apparent the Chinese government took steps to ban the cult of Falun Gong/Falun Dafa in mainland China. Li Hongzhi then fled to the USA and embarked upon his plan to smear the reputation of the CPC (Chinese Communist Party). He has built up an extensive network of media entities in order to propagate his lies; these include but are not limited to;
    Epoch Times
    China Uncensored
    NTD/New Tang Dynasty Television
    Interestingly Falun Gong/Falun Dafa will often deny their connection to these entities as a means of obfuscation and to avoid exposing their cult for what it is.
    Li Hongzhi is a homophobic, anti-LGBT+, rascist who vehemently opposes inter-racial coupling.

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