Brighton protesters defy lockdown ban on crowds with seafront march and demo

Posted On 07 Nov 2020 at 9:21 pm

Protesters hold a demo to oppose the second national coronavirus lockdown on Brighton seafront – Picture by Kat Hoare

Protesters defied the ban on groups gathering with a march and demo along the Brighton and Hove seafront this afternoon (Saturday 7 November).

The chants included: “Pandemic! Scam-demic! Eugenics! Take your face mask off!”

The demo was organised by Save Our Rights and two other anti-lockdown groups – E202 and Stand Up – joined them for the noisy protest as Sussex Police kept a watching brief.

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A rally with speeches followed a short march with placards from the Peace Statue on the border of Brighton and Hove to the foot of the i360.

Protesters urged bystanders to take their masks off.

The target of the protest was the government’s second lockdown measures as the organisers said that they were asserting their freedom and democratic rights.

Matt Single, from Save Our Rights, said: “We have had enough. We’re not standing for the lies and we’re not standing for a second lockdown.

“They told us two weeks would flatten the curve and now eight months later they’re bringing in even greater draconian methods to curtail our freedom.”

Although there have been regular protests around the UK since Save Our Rights started in April, the second lockdown has now focused protesters’ anger and determination to assert their democratic right to protest against current government measures.

Matt Single was at the London anti-lockdown protests on Thursday and added: “They arrested 192 people just for standing there.

“There was no violence, no abuse. It‘s just out and out fascism. We’ve had enough.”

  1. Hove Guy Reply

    How many thousands of people will now die as a result of such selfish, reckless behaviour by these arrogant morons? If the police cannot deal with it, then the government should bring out the military, to put a stop to it.

    • Fredrich Nicecar Reply

      I suggest that you do some research instead of being an idiot. Our Fathers and forefathers fought; so that morons like you could express their opinions ( however stupid ) and now you want to bring the military out to quell them.Covid is not even in the top ten of causes of death; so stop being such a scared little pussy
      and shut up !

  2. John Thomas Reply

    Outrageous that this is allowed to take place given all those that are complying with the guidance.

  3. Ad The Lad Reply

    Take your masks off. Let Darwin take over and weed out the stupid ones who should not reproduce.

  4. Roland Ivan Bryans Reply

    Drop a cigarette butt and get a fine try to gain entry to Madeira drive and get turned away yet put others lives at risk and nothing done.Where is the Duty of care.

  5. Matt Single Reply

    Just wonderful – such an amazing group of people. 1,000 strong march like a huge family of free-thinking, well balanced normal human beings that keeps on growing! Join us for the next one! Peace & Truth x

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      To quote one of your tasteful posters, that is bloated “arse”: the BBC says that 300 people were there, not your 1000.

  6. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Do these people realise what it feels like to lie on one’s back with a ventilator doing its best to keep one alive while the hands of Death come towards the shoulders?

  7. Jason Reply

    If nothing else, the protest shows that there are still a few (very few unfortunately) people in and around Brighton with more than two brain cells to rub together.

    I’d have been there too if I’d known about it in advance.

    Wake up covidiots! Can’t you smell a communist takeover when you see one? The government downgraded this seasonal ‘flu to LOW RISK 4 days BEFORE the monkey stood on it’s hind legs and shut everything down.

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