Brighton and Hove mother faces court after coronavirus lockdown protest

Posted On 14 Nov 2020 at 3:14 pm

A Brighton and Hove mother is to face court charged in relation to a seafront protest against the coronavirus lockdown rules last weekend.

Louise Creffield

Louise Creffield, 34, founder and director of Save Our Rights UK, was not believed to have been present at the protest which, according to Sussex Police, attracted about 200 people.

Ms Creffield is understood to have organised a number of protests since the first coronavirus lockdown was imposed in late March.

She was a member of the Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven Labour Party executive committee until earlier this year, serving as the women’s liaison officer.

And she has criticised the coronavirus restrictions for being a disproportionate infringement of people’s civil liberties.

One post on the Save Our Rights UK Facebook page posted earlier today (Saturday 14 November) said: “”We are not conspiracy theorists. We are people who are concerned for our safety.

“We are people who are concerned that we are being lied to by the government who we pay to look after us.

“We are concerned about our situations; our futures. We do not deserve to be locked down with no say in it.

“We do not deserve to be presented with an ultimatum of a vaccine with no say in it.”

And the page included a link to a critical article published yesterday in the widely respected British Medical Journal (BMJ) written by executive editor Dr Kamran Abbasi, a visiting professor at Imperial College London.

Sussex Police said this afternoon: “A woman has been reported for summons following a protest in Brighton on 7 November, which was attended by more than 200 people.

Coronavirus lockdown protesters in Brighton last weekend

“The 34-year-old local woman has been reported in relation to a breach of regulation 10 of the Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020, namely for organising a gathering of more than 30 people.

“It follows an investigation into the organised event, and should any further offences be identified, we will act upon these.

“We’d like to remind the public that we will continue to engage, explain and encourage people to follow the government guidelines on coronavirus, and enforcement action will be taken if necessary.”

No date was given for Ms Creffield’s court appearance.

  1. Matthew Reply

    No date set, plus, she wasn’t there.

  2. Jean Reply

    It doesn’t say she was there

    • Hove Guy Reply

      Another cunning stunt from Brighton, city of the obsessive protester, with nothing much of any relevance to protest about. She organised the event, so she deserves to get a prosecution, leading hopefully to a £10,000 fine. It is moronic nobodies like her who are ensuring that the number of Covid19 infections keeps rising.

      • Boudicca Reply

        Do you have proof positive that she organised the event? Because nothing in this article actually says that. Despite all the erosions of our rights and freedoms this government has imposed in the last 8 months, I believe the concept of innocent until proven guilty still stands.

        As for the number of infections rising, I suggest you do some research and understand that the test being used cannot accurately confirm the presence of an active infection of the SARS-COV-2. In fact its inventor categorically said it was NOT to be used as a diagnostic test.

        There is a direct link between the number of tests being conducted and the number of positive results. The positive results are consistently around 2% of tests conducted. As the test itself has a false positive rate of around 1.8% that means 9 out of 10 “cases” are false positives.

        The only people going to be tested are the ones abiding by the rules. Those who are going to protests aren’t getting sick and aren’t getting tested.

        • Jonathan Simons Reply

          This is utter nonsense – the rate of positives is running just short of 10% and your understanding of false positives is dangerously skewed. This kind of misinformation is why we’re in such a dire position.

        • alex Reply

          According to the office of national statistics, the the cases flatlines since June which is normal for a coronavirus, the rise this time of year is normal too, unfortunately people died back in April but levels are normal and in line with the previous 5 years, wake up people sage is a psy op

          • Stuart Dangerfield

            What on earth you are you talking about you crazy fool. Nearly 500 people died yesterday? Hospitals are once again war zones and elective operations and surgeries for all non emergency medical condoitions are already being cancelled and scaled back. It is not just corona virus patients that die when we allow this thing to run out of control. The sad truth is that all over the world they are getting this thing under control. In the far East they have had under control all year. Why? Because eastern cultures revere their elders. Ancestors are all important and age is to be respected. They have exactly the same tools at their disposal as we do and only needed lock downs once at the beginning to get it under control and now they are all doing fine no second waves in China or Taiwan, South Korea or Japan, Singapore or even to a lesser degree Vietnam. Socially distance at all times, wear a mask and isolate when symptomatic. That is it, that is all it takes, but everybody has to do it. The pathetic end game is that the supposedly advanced western world is now for the second time the epicentre of the COVID 19 epidemic. Why? Because we are spoilt westerners with no public spirit. We are self obsessed narcissists who got it under control the first time employing the three measures I just outlined but now with Lock Down fatigue kicking in old and sick peoples lives no longer seem so important to us when compared with going without a pint or the likelihood that we young and healthy people might not be able to have a normal Xmas. No in that case screw nan and grandad right?

      • Noel Reply

        You are a bit uneducated on the dangers of the non-virus aren’t you.

      • Ania Reply

        You must be very sad, scared and fearful person, to wish someone bad. What proof do you have that what the gov is saying is actually true?

      • Paul Morgan Reply

        If you cannot see that the lockdowns have caused more collateral damage than the disease – to non-covid patients with heart, stroke, cancer and other conditions; damage to the economy, with businesses closing and people losing their jobs; to education and to the lonely, mentally ill and those challenged by alcohol and substance abuse; to those suffering from domestic and child abuse – then you are a total prize pi**ock.

        • Melee Reply

          I don’t think anyone disputes the far-reaching effects Covid 19 is having on all aspects of life.

          It’s a crisis, it impacts in the way all crises do.

          What I do find incredible is that every commenter who opposes lockdown and/or vaccination and/or the belief Covid 19 is real reverts to abuse in their comments.

          You all share pretty much the same traits – verbal and psychological abuse, control, anxiety, suspicion, anger. These are all signs of mental and emotional dysfunction and/or cult indoctrination.

          None of you appear to be content in your own indoctrination however. It doesn’t appear to have offered any feeling of security or safety to you. And no matter how much damage it is doing to your mental and emotional health, your relationships and the well-being of others… still you cannot see past the manipulation you’ve been at the mercy of.

          So how do you think the rest of us should go about dealing with you? I for one will be backing Keir Starmer’s call for the criminalisation of fake news and those who spread it and it’s likely the majority of the country will do the same.

      • Michael Reply

        Don’t be ridiculous. It is quite likely that the regulations (which come under the parent act (Corona Virus) are ultra vires. There is also a vast amount of respected research questioning the validity of lockdowns. Do your research.

        • Melee Reply

          ‘quite likely’ is not definitive.

          We all question most things in life, that’s healthy and normal.

          What isn’t in question or quite likely are the laws and the the legal requirement to abide by the law.

          Keep on drinking the Kool Aid folks.

      • Tony Macaroni Reply

        She has over 40,000 followers. Who’s the nobody?

        • Melee Reply

          Hitler had millions of followers too… he was still a crackpot. And it was because he was a nobody that he became a crackpot. There’s a running theme…

          • Nigel Furness

            Indeed he was Melee and wouldn’t he be proud if he were able to see how this democratically elected ‘lack of Government’ has succeeded, thus far, with consumate ease to strip away all our hardwon rights and freedoms dating back to Magna Carta in 1212, with miniscule opposition in Parliament!
            To witness our police force behaving like the Gestapo woul surely have warmed the cockles oh the Feuhrer’s heart.
            Wake up, before it’s TOO LATE!

          • Nigel Furness

            Indeed he was, Melee and he did have millions of followers but wouldn’t he be delighted, were he around today, to see how our current ‘lack of Government’ has managed, with consumate ease, to strip away all our hard-won rights and freedoms dating right back to Magna Carta in 1215.
            I’ve no doubt that it would warm the cockels of his evil heart to see our police acting in ways tantamount to those of the Gestapo and to feel safe in the knowledge that he has USEFUL IDIOTS a plenty who are happy to do his dirty work for him by trying to undermine the FREE PRESS.
            You’re right about one thing, though—there IS a pattern emerging here!!

  3. Jo Reply

    You don’t have to be there to have organised it. That is where the issue is. As much as I agree with some of their concerns, I do not think putting more people at risk for going against the law. Mask wearing isn’t hard. Lockdown, as hard as it is is necessary if these people keep meeting up.

    They have a loud online presence, which is where they should air their views, safely and within the law

  4. Worthing Dave Reply

    Throw the book at her I am trying to keep safe and you get idiots who think they know better organising this type of thing fine the people who turned up as well

  5. Argusnot Reply

    This is what happens to those who ‘criticise the restrictions’; She deserves a medal for speaking out for a good number of like minded folk.

    • Melee Reply

      Have you fallen for the indoctrination? Please take care of your mental and emotional health.

  6. Jo Reply

    Those who keep thinking people deserve to be fined need to understand what Covid-19 is and look at docs/scientists who know what they are talking about.We are not at any unusual levels of sickness for this time of year.Mainstream media like BBC/Sky are complicit in spreading government scaremongering stories.Police too really need to educate themselves on what this virus.The pandemic is not the virus that is in an ‘endemic’ stage.

  7. I know. Reply

    She wasn’t there. She was on a train to Edinburgh. That’s interesting.

  8. Chris Reply

    THE REAL CRIMINALS ARE THE ONES IN GOVERNMENT! It is an absolute outrage to see ordinary people, exercising their rights to peaceful assembly, have their rights stripped away by a criminal government, who through fraud and domestic terrorism are criminalising the man on the street on the basis of some ‘virus’ that has not been proven to exist! It is a disgrace that the police are complicit in this criminal fraud…the police OATH is to protect the people and uphold human rights and that means when it is the government that are violating the rights of the people by imposing lockdowns on the basis of fraudulent science THE POLICE SHOULD BE ARRESTING THOSE IN GOVERNMENT!

    Its is a disgrace that The Argus reports this as if the police and state are in the right – THE MEDIA SHOULD JOIN US IN OUR OUTRAGE AGAINST THIS CRIMINAL COERCION AGAINST THE PEOPLE! And it is very disheartening to see the public support the very major injustice taking place against them. Note to Public: If you enjoy reporting crimes to the police then STOP SNITCHING ON YOUR NEIGHBOUR AND GO AND REPORT THE GOVERNMENT FOR THEIR TREASON AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

    Chief Constable Jo Shiner KNOWS about the crimes of the state, and has been served notice. It is an UTTER DISGRACE to see police go in heavy handed on those who are causing no harm or loss but continually IGNORE THE REPORTING OF HIGH LEVEL ORGANISED CRIME!

    We the people must all unite against the Covid hoax, and keep reporting the REAL CRIMES against the people until the police and the establishment are NO OPTION BUT TO ARREST THE CRIMINALS IN GOVERNMENT!

    Here is the evidence for the real crimes:…/covid-19-evidence…


    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      The rampant use of capital letters is a sign of a mind out of control, one which cannot formulate discussion.

      • Melee Reply

        How does the IPSO Editors Code regard keeping up harmful and disingenuous information to the public?

        A quick search of the news reveals business owners are falling foul of the law up and down the country by means of being arrested and fined sizeable sums for believing this fake misinformation regards the Magna Carta. Don’t get me started on all the other nonsense being banded about here.

        Yet the powers that be have been into this comments section and moderated it but left the misinformation as it is.

        I’m wondering about the editorial standards of this news site having worked for the National newstand myself for over a decade. It’s questionable.

      • Nigel Furness Reply

        Says the man whose only response to attempts at reasonable dialogue is to start screaming and shouting in a high-pitched voice whilst the face and ears turn crimson and the features distort into a hideous grimace, behaviour which, over recent years has earned him the distinction of being ejected from two Hove pubs!
        Now, I’m no more a psychologist than you, Christopher but I’m certainly a medic and I have had occasion, more than once, tocaution you that such levels of stress could seriously damage your health.
        My advice?
        Take a chill pill and get back to doing what you used to do best—saving Hove Library from the clutches of that wicked Labour Party—I haven’t heard a peep out of you on that subject for some time now.
        Oh! of course! How COULD I have forgotten that your beloved Greens are now in coalition with them and, under the Lockdown guise, will probably be just as happy to see the Libraries go to the wall!
        THIS WILL PROVE A GOOD TEST OF YOUR ‘PRINCIPLES,’ won’t it, Christopher?

        • Melee Reply

          Why don’t you use your real name and start commenting on bonafide IPSO regulated news sites Nigel Furness?

          Surely someone with your reputation has absolutely nothing to hide nor worry about.

          • Nigel Furness

            Well I’m NOT Nigel Farage, if that’s what you’re implying melee, but what’s lurking behind YOUR monniker, I wonder?
            As for commenting in the MSM, I prefer to stick with B & H News—much more informative and a BRILLIANT platform for FREE SPEECH.
            More power to their elbow!

  9. Lee s Reply

    we need to get an extinction rebellion march onto this – they will sort it

    • Christopher Gutteridge Reply

      I’ve been in some Extinction Rebellion action planning meetings (via Zoom) this year and “can we do this responsibly with the COVID situation” is always the first question. It’s tedious but necessary.

  10. dree Reply

    It’s a horrible virus but lockdowns don’t seem to work. What they have done is destroy our economy and reduce our chances of providing better funding for the NHS to clear the growing backlog of cancer patients and others with life-threatening conditions. It’s worth reading the link to the BMJ article!

    • Nigel Furness Reply

      Well said by the majority of commentators here (the intelligent ones who can think for themselves). I’m proud of all of you!
      I’ve spoken with Louise before and found her to be an intelligent, modest and charming woman— just the sort of person we desperately need on our Council—she’d get my vote every time.
      Whenever this ‘Court case’ comes around I, for one , will be only too happy to protest in support of her. Shame on the Police!
      As for the few sad sheeple and their comments—BRING ON THE MINT SAUCE and perhaps the REDCURRANT JELLY too!!!

      • snid Reply

        excellent post, you mention sheep, lots of upper case, and happy to protest at the drop of a hat!
        If only you’d added ‘wake up’, it would fill my bingo card

        • Melee Reply

          He’s added ‘WAKE UP’.

          You’ve got a full house.

      • Melee Reply

        Why would you be proud of people for breaking the law?

        Why would you set out to shame those for abiding by the law?

        Why would you shame the police for carrying out their legal duties?

  11. Rolivan Reply

    When the Annual Statistics for all Deaths are announced then as long as they are correct we will get an idea of how many excess deaths have occurred.
    The real time to Protest will be at The Polling Booths whether that be Local or Government.

  12. David Chick Reply

    People will only wake up to what’s truly going on when the internet goes down, social media vanishes and by then it will be too late!

    It’s by design. The harm’s intentional.
    Why? To force a solution we’d never agree to otherwise.
    • Problem (CV19)
    • Reaction (Lockdown)
    • Solution
    1. UN Agenda 21 & 2030 aka Sustainable Development
    2. World Economic Forum Great Reset
    3. ID2020
    4. GAVI
    5. BIS digital currency.
    The police know if they don’t obey the Government, their careers will be over. Bullying reins supreme in any Government Organisation, NHS, Local Government and the Forces. If the order was given to shoot civilians, that would happen.

  13. Jane Reply

    Perhaps tracking Sweden, who have taken a less severe approach, might provide some useful information.

  14. Melee Reply

    Yes Jane, you’re spot on.

    The UK is so much like Sweden. I always think that.

    Our population figures are really similar with theirs. They have 10.3 million people living over 173,000 square miles and we have 68 million living over 94,000 square miles.

    It’s almost like we are twins. Like it was meant to be.

  15. Melee Reply

    So it’s official, Nigel Furness believes the clauses of the Magna Carta are applicable to everyday folk now.

    Peeps, you’ll find out which parts of the Magna Carta are still current from these sites:

    Don’t put yourself and your business at risk of being fined or receiving a criminal record unnecessarily.

  16. Hove Guy Reply

    The organiser of a crime is a criminal, whether that person is there at the time or not. This woman is a menace, and deserves to be fined very heavily for such irresponsible and dangeous behaviour. Our council is incompetent enough already, but heaven help us if we ever get someone like her on it. If these cretins, who slavishly follow her example, were allowed to carry on with their selfish and despicable behaviour, many more lives will be lost, and we shall be back again in the New Year with yet another lockdown.
    The biggest mistake Boris Johnson made was not to act tougher and sooner. The first lockdown should have started much earlier, and should not have ended so abruptly. Hopefully he will have learnt his lesson and will not be so eager to end the present lockdown in the same manner.

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