Brighton and Hove sees sharp rise in covid cases in older adults

Posted On 18 Nov 2020 at 5:01 pm

There has been a “very worrying” sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the over-40s and over-60s in Brighton and Hove, weekly figures reveal.

The city’s director of public health Alistair Hill said the rise may be a hangover from increased socialising ahead of November’s lockdown, and warned people to stay at home where possible.

In the 7 days up to 12 November (based on data published on 17 November) there were 519 confirmed new COVID-19 cases in the city – a 46% increase from the previous week.

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In the last seven days for which figures are available, up to 16 November, seven people have died in the city within 28 days of a positive test. The ages of those who have died is not published on a local basis.

Mr Hill said: “When we reported the drop in numbers last week, I warned it was too early to say that this would be sustained. Unfortunately, the numbers of confirmed cases of Covid-19 are again going up among all age groups.

“This growing spread of covid among our older and most vulnerable residents is very worrying.

“It has been suggested some of the increase in cases seen nationally in the last week reflects extra social interaction in the period leading up to the national lockdown.

“This highlights why the lockdown guidelines to stay home and to avoid meeting people outside your household (except where allowed) are so necessary to stop Covid spreading out of control in our city.

“With such high stakes, we must all take this second lockdown as seriously as the first one. We are already two weeks in with only a short time left to play your part in helping to reduce the numbers of cases in our city.”.

“Work from home if you can and only go out for essential activities to avoid close contact with people outside your household. If you cannot work from home follow covid safety guidelines in your place of work.

“If you experience any covid related symptoms – even if very mild – you must immediately self-isolate with your household, apply for a test and follow the self-isolation guidelines to stop the virus infecting more people.

“To break the chain of transmission we need everyone who is contacted by NHS Test and Trace to respond to the calls and emails to provide the information they ask for.

“The council’s community hub can provide support and advice for all residents, especially people who need to self-isolate. If you or anyone you know needs help during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to contact our community hub.

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