Dozens of people fined for beach bbqs this summer

Posted On 26 Sep 2022 at 3:38 pm

Barbecue by Wordridden on Flickr

Dozens of people were fined for using disposable bbqs in the first summer they were banned on Brighton and Hove’s public open spaces.

The ban on single-use bbqs began on Friday, 1 July, with fines of £100 for anyone caught using them on council-owned land.

In the first two months, 37 fixed penalty notices were handed out by Brighton and Hove City Council’s environmental enforcement officers.

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The ban was first mooted last year, less than two years after a blaze sparked by a smouldering disposable bbq caused extensive damage to the Hollingdean waste transfer centre.

After a subsequent consultation saw eight out of ten people responding in favour of a ban, it was approved by councillors in March.

Last month, a disposable bbq was blamed for a blaze underneath the Palace Pier, which was extinguished by quick-thinking staff members.

  1. Technique Reply

    Isn’t it funny how the council can find the manpower to fine people; yet cannot find the manpower to clear the weeds and empty the bins…

  2. Chris Reply

    Despite brexit ha ha

  3. Robert Pattinson Reply

    So BREXIT is stopping the council hiring people to clean up weeds but can find labour to fine families having a BBQ on the beach.

  4. Catherine Reply

    Good. It ruins a great space for mindfulness. Listen folk – have BBQs in your garden not on the beach!

    • Oswald Reply

      BBQs are not banned genius just disposable ones. Nothing better than a BBQ on the beach if you have friends down to visit the city, this council is all about micromanaging and making money out of the way we live and tbh it’s disgusting.
      Consultation, I never saw anything through my letter box or in any manifestos about this. So undemocratic as well…
      Greens out

      • Catherine Reply

        Am sorry you are angry. Mindfulness can help with anger issues. Have a peaceful evening pop a candle on and have a fire pit in your garden with a glass of fizz. Always makes you feel better!

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