Cost of living protesters plan march and rally in Brighton today

Posted On 01 Oct 2022 at 12:01 am

Acorn members supported striking CWU members outside the Royal Mail offices in North Road in Brighton recently

Cost of living protesters are planning to hold a march and rally in Brighton today (Saturday 1 October).

The organisers said that they would be marching in support of striking postal and railway workers as part of the Enough is Enough Cost of Living Day of Action.

The rally in Brighton is one of 50 protests due to take place across the country as part of a national day of action called by the Enough is Enough campaign.

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Enough is Enough said that it was “a campaign to fight the cost of living crisis … founded by trade union and community organisations including the CWU and Acorn Community Union”.

The campaign has five key demands – a real pay rise, slash energy bills, end food poverty, decent homes for all and tax the rich.

It added that more than 700,000 people had signed up to the campaign and rallies attended by tens of thousands of people had been held across Britain.

The protest is due to start at Brighton railway station at 11 am, followed by a rally at The Level.

The Enough is Enough campaign is also hosting a rally at the Dome, in Brighton, on Tuesday (4 October).

The speakers on Tuesday are expected to include the RMT general secretary Mick Lynch, the CWU general secretary Dave Ward, the UCU general secretary Jo Grady and the Labour MP Zara Sultana.

To find out more or to join the Enough is Enough campaign, visit

  1. Martha Gunn Reply

    We’re all terrified about the cost of living crisis and the appalling Tory government response. Now Kamikaze Kwasi has dropped us all in it even further. But Sir Keir and the Labour Party are leading a magnificent fight back.

    But let’s be clear – this event is a complete distraction. Once again it’s just the loony left trying to exploit our misfortunes and jump on the bandwagon. The Corbynistas in Kemptown have even postponed their General Committee meeting to join the march.

    Needless to say, unable to see a passing bandwagon without jumping on it, the Muscle-Royal MP is of course joining the comrades.

    • MazC Reply

      Your comment started off so reasonably and then descended into frothing vitiriol. I had a ticket for the original Dome event and I’m no Corybynista. As you point out, ‘We’re all terrified of the cost of living crisis’, so rather than spitting fury at people that don’t matter, but who seem to live rent free in your head, why not join in and show through numbers how out of hand Tory policies have got and the harm they are going to cause, if not already causing?

  2. Patcham Guy Reply

    Sorry, it seems to me that the Tory government is doing quite a lot to help people in unprecedented times with money the country can ill afford. Labour still haven’t come up with any alternative, and i dare say people will be worse off under them.

  3. Sir Lefty Farr-Wright Reply

    Sanctions on Russia – end them.
    Net Zero B.S. – end it.
    Illegal immigration – end it.
    Ban on fracking and North Sea gas production – end it.
    Diversity Officers and similar non-jobs – sack them.

    The UK will be a prosperous nation in 5 years.

  4. Technique Reply

    Labour never does have a plan, all they ever do is slag-off the Tories.
    They are just a bunch of champagne-socialists. Their leader relinquishing his Knighthood would be a start.

  5. fed-up with brighton politics Reply

    I would just like to flag up that the Green Party national conference is now going on and some chairman wannabee bloke nobody has ever heard of suggests that B&H Council, the only council they ‘control’ (disastrously) should hold a referendum about putting up next year’s council tax beyond 3%. Turkeys voting for Christmas would not get a look-in. Why would anyone with half a brain cell vote for that, when the Greens only got into ‘power’ by default because of Labour incompetence/anti-Semitism etc and we all know they are even more incompentent than current Labour and chuck our money about on their disastrous vanity projects without dealing with any of their basic responsibilities. Stroll on in dreamland, Greens, but you may get a major reality check next May in Brighton and Hove. Hopefully.

  6. Technique Reply

    Yes, the Greens have been contributing to global warming in a huge way of late – all that hot-air they have beenemitting at their pointless conference.

    So where would they hold the referendum; among the residents of B&H???

    Oh yes, I’m sure the residents of B&H will fall over themselves with delight for the opportunity to have an increase of CT beyond 3%. So the Greens can waste the extra money on more cycle lanes and vanity projects, whilst B&H continues to rot under a mountain of weeds and overflowing bins, because no-one can be bothered to do their job.

    The Greens are more like a university student pressure group than a serious political party.

  7. Mick Reply

    Help is on the way – your leaders want to raise council tax!

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