Popular Hove teacher dies

Posted On 18 Nov 2009 at 3:06 pm

A Hove secondary school has sent all its pupils home after telling them that a popular teacher has died.

Blatchington Mill staff sent pupils home at midday after telling them that English and drama teacher Mike Fawcett, 41, had died.

His Year 10 form group were given the news separately.

He was in school yesterday and had seemed well.

One pupil said: “All the children and all the staff were crying. He was one of the most liked teachers in the school.”

  1. rosie chenley Reply

    “Mr. F” ….
    I can’t believe you’ve gone… I’m at kingston Uni now and heard the news this morning. It shows the impact you have on everyone, how news travels so quicky and how everyone cares for you, just like you cared for us. I’m so shocked.. You were the most brilliant, enthusiastic, funniest teachers at blatch and I still remember you teaching me when i was a “wee” year 7 student.. and calling me “Cheggers” haha.. still have the dictionary you wrote in, calling me a loser- cheers for that ya cheeky sod! hahaha… You were much loved by everyone.. students, teachers… this is a tragedy…
    I kept thinking about coming back to Blatch at a point and see how you drama queens were, but didnt get round to it..
    You will never be forgotten and will be thought about by every blatchington mill student that has had the pleasure of meeting you!
    You will be missed..
    Rosie, aka Cheggers 🙂 xxxx

  2. Crezia Hext Knight Reply

    Oh man, I can’t believe this has happened, and so suddenly! Sir, you were truly a legend. You taught me in Year 7 and Year 9 and up until I had my English GCSE’s with a teacher whom I had *no* respect for I wanted to be a writer – because of you. You used to call me the mad shark girl and you got me that Headteacher’s award for the Titanic poem I wrote in our class. And you used to wind my friend Sarah up when we studying Macbeth because she laughed at the bit when the guy says “You damn egg!” She was ‘The Egg’ after that for the rest of our years through Blatch and the 6th Form. Sometimes I’d see you walking down Sackville Road and we used to walk together for a bit and natter about guitars and music. You had such a passion for life, and even though I’m not at Blatch any more I can’t imagine it will ever be the same again. You were the best teacher – ever – and I never heard one bad thing said against you. You were a true teacher – you cared for your students and made sure they were okay and it shows…all over the net there are rememberance groups set up in your name. They’re a testament to your work. You’ll live on through all the people you reached out to. Sleep well, sir.
    Shark girl.

  3. R.I.P Reply

    sir u were the best teacher ever R.I.P 18/11/09

  4. ....k...u..o... Reply


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