Twitter 'serial killer' comes to Brighton

Posted On 18 Nov 2009 at 10:15 am

Twitter is often described as a place to tell people what you had for lunch – but a new Brighton twitterer’s grisly tweets are more likely to put you off your dinner.

@dinner_guest started tweeting last week, and already he’s dragged a victim back to his lock-up, bled him to death and attempted to shrink his head (warning – if you’re squeamish, don’t click the link).

Ominously, his next but last tweet, posted on Monday evening, was: What a lovely day, watched people on the beach alone.”

We’ve asked Brighton crime author @PeterJamesUK whether this creation is anything to do with him, and will update you if and when he replies.

The profile has already been picked up by Techcrunch, which speculates that it might be the work of a real murderer. But @dinner_guest must be fictional – right?

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