Stay safe in Brighton and Hove this new year

Posted On 31 Dec 2009 at 2:30 pm

Sussex Police is warning new year revellers to stay safe when celebrating in the city tonight.

It has issued the following statement: “Thousands of Brighton and Hove residents as well as visitors to the city will be wanting a great evening out this Thursday to see in the new year.

“However, some people have a tendency to drink far too much and potentially cause themselves or others harm.

“We don’t mind people enjoying themselves but we ask that they don’t overdo it and end up having a night they’d rather not remember.

“Many organisations are there to both offer support and prevent an unwelcome end to an evening, but this is quite a challenge if women and men of all ages render themselves vulnerable and are unable to keep themselves safe.

“Safe Space in West Street is available at weekends for those who need a place of safety, and taxi marshals will assist with getting you away in a cab.

“However, without setting your own rules and limits you increase the risks to yourself.

“Help us to keep you safe.

“The city partnership has already been awarded Beacon status for its effective management of the night time economy – everyone is determined to drive crime and disorder down further.

“Many visitors to the city have less cash in their pockets and there is a temptation to drink more at home before they come into the city.

“The police are working closely with the local licensed venues to ensure those who are visibly drunk are not served – otherwise they will get more drunk and less able to keep themselves safe, irrespective of age of gender.

“We and our partner agencies do everything we can to try to keep people safe at what should be a very enjoyable time of year.

“It is not for us to tell you what to do but please consider good advice – with a little thought and planning you can help us to make this city even safer.”

Councillor Dee Simson, Brighton and Hove City Council’s cabinet member for community safety said: “Together with our partners we want to make sure people have a safe and enjoyable time in the city over new year.

“The council is also currently running a campaign to highlight the dangers of underage drinking.

“We are working closely with youth services and other partners to produce information for young people on staying safe and are supporting the police on initiatives such as Operation Park to tackle underage drinking in public places.

“Our message to everyone, particularly the younger age group, is there are lots of services around to help keep you safe but you can play your part by setting limits and not allowing alcohol to put you in a vulnerable situation.”

The police statement also urged people to think about the following and look after themselves:

  • Know your limits and keep count of what you have drunk including what you had at home
  • Plan how you are going to get home and with someone you trust
  • Steer clear of drugs – in particular, don’t mix alcohol and cocaine – check out the facts
  • Protect your health and consider the calories
  • Be sensible with spirits.

It added some “sobering statistics”:

  • 44 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds are binge drinking
  • The proportion of women aged 16-24 drinking over 35 units of alcohol a week has tripled over the past 15 years
  • About 10, 000 young people a year are admitted to hospital because of drinking
  • 5 per cent more people died because of drink driving in 2008 than in 2007
  • Twice as many people now die from liver disease compared with 1991 – not just those who would class themselves as “alcoholics”

The police statement also included details of where people could discuss concerns and seek support?

  • Ru-ok? – Young people’s substance misuse service 01273 293966
  • FRANK – Confidential helpline 0800 776600
  • Drinkline – Free and confidential information and advice on Freephone 0800 917 8282 from 9am to 11pm Monday to Friday.

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