New Brighton Kemptown MP urges police action on travellers

Posted On 20 May 2010 at 3:56 pm

Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown, has written to Brighton Police urging swift action to move on unauthorised traveller encampments in the city.

Mr Kirby, who recently was able to raise these matters directly with the police said that many constituents have raised with him concerns when unauthorised encampments appear.

Mr Kirby has also asked to be kept appraised of traveller movements in Brighton and what action is being taken by police to move vehicles on when they are not on a designated site.

Mr Kirby said: ‘It is important for my constituents that effective action is seen to be taken when an unauthorised encampment takes place in the city. Prompt responses are also required and I have made this point to the local police.’

Mr Kirby is seeking a meeting with Brighton Police to discuss this and other issues.

  1. Ashley.B Reply

    It’s all well and good using the term “designated site” but where are travellers supposed to stay when the government are closing down “designated sites” all over the country, I grew up in a trailer and now live in bevendean in a two bedroom council house and might I add despite numerous attempts to contact the council repairs department the house is in a state of disrepair so what incentive does the government offer? they take away campsites and put travellers in damp, rundown houses. WOULD YOU LEAVE YOUR HOME AND COMMUNITY TO BE MOVED INTO A HOUSE BARELY BETTEWR THAN A SQUAT??? think about that next time you’re complaining about “unauthorised traveller sites”.

  2. Ashley.B Reply

    Oh and by the way Mr.Kirby, if you spent less time complaining about travellers and more time focusing on the STATE OF THE COUNCIL HOUSING IN BRIGHTON then just maybe more travelling communities would opt for it. problem solved.

  3. anonymous Reply

    did this have any effect ? i see the travelers have left Wild park and i suspect its them that are now at Stanmer park ….

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