Labour leader Ed Miliband to visit Brighton for fresh ideas

Posted On 07 Jan 2011 at 3:38 am

Ed Miliband is coming to Brighton as part of his policy review.

His “fresh ideas” team has been sending letters to supporters in Brighton and Hove inviting them to meet the Labour leader.

The event will start at 11am next Friday (14 January) and is to be held in central Brighton.

He will hope to win over party members after performing poorly in Brighton and Hove in the Labour leadership contest last year.

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Of just over 1,100 votes cast by members of the city’s three constituency Labour parties, Mr Miliband received fewer than a third.

He polled just 362 compared with his brother David who won 499 but went on to finish second overall.

The venue has yet to be announced although two of Mr Miliband’s visits to Brighton in the past two years have included meetings at the Brighthelm Centre in North Road.

In his invitation letter Mr Miliband said: “When I was elected leader of the Labour Party I made a commitment to put our party back in touch with the hopes and concerns of working families in Britain.


“Our party had become distant from people’s lives and I am determined that we put that right.

“That is why I’d like to meet with you on 14 January 2011 to talk about your concerns and hopes for the future.

“I’m holding a meeting in central Brighton that day with people from across the area and would be delighted if you could make it.

“I want you to be part of the biggest review of Labour Party policy for nearly 20 years.

“Our mission is to narrow the gap between the dreams on offer in Britain today and people’s hopes of achieving them.

“To do that, we need fresh ideas from people across our country.

“These will feed into our policy decisions as we set out an alternative approach to the challenges and opportunities facing Britain.

“Your views will inform the decisions we make now as we provide constructive opposition to the government.

“And ultimately your ideas could appear in our manifesto at the next election and become government policy.

“Together we can develop the fresh ideas that will make Britain a fairer, more secure, more prosperous country.

“There is a lot of work to do – both in the Labour Party and the country – if we are to get the change we need.

“I hope you can be part of that change.”

  1. virginia macebo Reply

    iwould like to meet Ed Miliband when he comes to Brighton.

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