Post Office to shut Brighton branch and move further out

Posted On 07 Jan 2011 at 2:35 am

The Post Office is to shut another branch in Brighton and move it opposite the site of a branch that it closed for being unviable.

The post office to be closed is in the old Co-op building in London Road.

The new branch will be at 14 Preston Road, less than a hundred yards up from Preston Circus.

The move has been criticised by Green councillors in the St Peter’s and North Laine ward who plan to organise a petition.

They said that the Post Office assured customers and councillors that the closure of the Trafalgar Street Post Office in 2007 was justified as the London Road branch was near by.

Now elderly and less mobile customers will have even further to go to their nearest branch.

Councillor Pete West said that the Post Office should have contacted Brighton and Hove City Council sooner.

He said: “Brighton city centre residents were assured that a branch would remain in London Road.

“Now it’s being axed too in another attack on public services.

“Greens warned in 2007 that the Co-op building might not be available long term, but no action was taken.

“Rather than moving into any of the empty shops on London Road, they’ve picked somewhere much further away.


“The new smaller location is far from the main shopping area and bus stops which will particularly affect less mobile and elderly customers.

“The negative impact on local businesses in London Road also hasn’t been considered.

“A post office used to operate across the road from the new location but was recently closed because it was too out of the way.

“Why will this time be any different?

“The new location isn’t accessible and may not even be viable.”

The Post Office is blaming the move on the Co-op which owns the London Road building and moved out more than a year ago.

Councillor West said that he opposes the closure and move because of

  • the distance of the proposed branch from the main London Road shopping area
  • the distance from bus routes
  • the poor availability of parking and the distance from London Road car park
  • the difficulty for pedestrians crossing Preston Circus
  • the small size of the proposed premises and the plan to share with a retailer, meaning there may be long cramped queues for service
  • the negative impact of the closure and move on the local economy in London Road

The Post Office is carrying out a consultation about the closure and move.

It runs until Wednesday 16 February and responses can be sent to Post Office Limited, c/o National Consultation Team, PO Box 2060, Watford, WD18 8ZW, or emailed to

  1. Chris Kift Reply

    The Co-op PO is always busy and is so easy for disabled and elderly people to use. There is room for power chair and buggy users and even seats for people to take the weight off their feet. A small cluttered post office eg St James’s ST is fine for able bodied but not for chair users. It is important that a decent sized PO is available. The old Nationwide at the corner of Baker St springs to mind.

  2. Alicia Mitchell Reply

    What is to become of the Co-Op building then? Will it just remain empty as most of it is now? Such a big, unused space is an embarrassment.

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