Two Brunswick burglary victims faced with violence

Posted On 23 Jan 2011 at 11:58 pm

Residents in Hove are being warned about a big rise in the number of burglaries.

Two break-ins this week ended with burglars using violence or threatening their victims with violence.

The warning comes from the East Brunswick Residents’ Association and was shared at a meeting of the local action team on Wednesday (19 January).

Members were advised to ensure that communal doors were closed properly by residents coming in and going out.

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They were urged to challenge strangers “tailgating” residents through communal doors.

They were also urged to ensure that individual flat doors and windows were locked securely when the occupants were out.

And Bill Cowell, co-chairman, added that they should call Sussex Police if they saw any suspicious behaviour.

The association said on its website: “We are all being told that crime is down and that we have the lowest crime rate for many years.

“However, local residents and businesses have informed us that low-level crime is not being reported because little action is taken.”

There have also been a number of burglaries in Kemp Town, with at least nine reported to police over the past few weeks.

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