Labour criticises police cuts in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 16 Mar 2011 at 12:57 pm

Brighton and Hove Labour politicians plan to raise the effects of policing cuts at a council meeting next week.

They are concerned about a big drop in the number of officers and the possible closure of Hove Police Station.

They say that Sussex Police is to lose 500 officers and are concerned about the impact that this will have in Brighton and Hove.

And since January, 500 people have signed a petition to oppose the closure of the police station in Holland Road, Hove.

The Labour councillors say that spending cuts are being imposed too quickly by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government.

Councillor Warren Morgan, the Labour group lead on community safety on Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “By imposing cuts of this speed and scale the government has put Sussex Police in an impossible position.

“The Tory Home Secretary has repeatedly ignored warnings that this could mean around 28,000 fewer police officers across the country.

“Now, while bankers’ multimillion-pound bonuses go unchecked by David Cameron, a government-commissioned report recommends freezing police bonuses.

“They have got their priorities wrong.

“These are reckless cuts to our police service which will hit Brighton and Hove hard.

“They will undermine all the progress we have made to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in our local neighbourhoods and communities.”

Councillor Melanie Davis, who represents Goldsmid ward and is the lead petitioner for Hove and Portslade Must Have a Police Station, said: “Before the general election David Cameron said: ‘If ministers come to me with cuts in frontline services, they will be sent away.’”

Councillor Davis,whose ward includes Hove Police Station, said: “We were told there would be no cuts to frontline services and now we are seeing the reality of frontline cuts by this Tory-led government.

“They are slashing police numbers and putting the future of local police stations at risk.

“Hove must have its own police station.”

Labour councillors plan to raise the issue at the full council meeting being held a week tomorrow (Thursday 24 March) at Hove Town Hall.

The Hove and Portslade Must Have a Police Station petition is available online at

  1. Linda F Reply

    Labour are the party that got us into this huge mess and they criticise when we are forced to make savings.

    The Sussex Police service has to be better mamanged anyway; they were spending much of their time filling in useless forms for Government targets. I have a friend who works with the police service and I was amazed at the waste of time and resources from stories she recounted. They could even share staff and rationlise with other nearby police forces.

    The Sussex Police do a sterling service but I believe efficiencies can be made without affecting the service.

  2. Rostrum Reply

    If Labour hadn’t over borrowed, over inflated the size of the Police, introduced ‘Blunketts Bobbies’ (aka buying votes with nothing jobs)and generally made a completed hash of their pathetic time in power there would be no reason to make these cuts.


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