Agency workers help clear rubbish backlog in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 21 Jun 2013 at 7:29 pm

Agency staff are working alongside CityClean binmen and street cleaners in Brighton and Hove to clear a backlog of rubbish.

Brighton and Hove City Council said that extra workers would also be tackling the piles of rubbish at the weekend too.

The council issued a joint statement with the GMB union.

It said that after a series of talks between representatives of both sides, a proposal had been made that enabled industrial action to be temporarily suspended.

The talks focused on the council’s proposed changes to the allowances currently paid to staff.

It added: “The latest proposal made by the council includes a service redesign which will be to the benefit of residents of the city.

Bin strike 2“As a result GMB has now agreed to suspend the industrial action for a period of 28 days.

“This will allow the union to consult its members as to whether they accept the proposal by a postal ballot.”

Mark Turner, GMB branch secretary, said: “We have made significant progress over recent days.

“The proposal significantly reduces or in some cases eliminates the losses for individual staff members which arose under the previous offer. However, there are still some areas that must be addressed.

“I will be continuing to meet with the council regarding these aspects of the proposal.

“For their part, the council have committed to confirm to each staff member how the revised proposal will affect them on an individual basis.

“When this detailed information is received we will then conduct a postal ballot of our members to ask them whether they accept or reject the changes.

“In the interim I can confirm that we have suspended our industrial action, for a period of 28 days, to allow this process to take place.”

Bin strikeCouncil chief executive Penny Thompson said: “We’ve put forward what we consider to be a good service redesign proposal.

“It is good for the residents and good for the city.

“I am really pleased that already the Cityclean workforce are back and working hard and fast to clear up the city.

“We are more than half way through a consultation period on an allowances system for staff across the council which is fair, consistent and affordable.

“We are aiming for an October implementation.

“Talks are continuing with both unions to this end.”


  1. w johnston Reply

    its not just bin men its road works its parking fees its people who live and work here let the greens go back where they come from an experement that failed never again and that is so sad a waisted oppertuinety

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