Brighton pub campaigners call meeting for tonight

Posted On 26 Jun 2014 at 10:13 am
By Tatiana Aversa Sanchez

The Rose Hill Tavern Action Group is to hold a public meeting this evening (Thursday 26 June) at the Calvary Church in Viaduct Road, Brighton, to discuss the future of the pub.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and ask any questions that they may have or give their input.

Richard James, of the Rose Hill Tavern Action Group, said: “We hope to get feedback from local residents and also give them the chance to ask questions and also answer any questions that they have.

“The owners won’t make the meeting but I have spoken with them and sent across the meeting’s agenda.”

Mr James will be conducting the meeting alongside three others and asked people to arrive at 7pm with the formal business starting at 7.30pm.

The aims of the meeting include an explanation of what an “asset of community value” (ACV) is and how the designation could help save the pub. The meeting will also be told about community pubs.

During the meeting there will be an opportunity for people to find out how they can help save the 144-year-old pub.

The new owners said that their initial plan was to convert it back to two houses, leaving the green tiling and original doors.

The Action Group has made several proposals which they believe could save the Rose Hill Tavern as a community venue.

Mr James said: “As we said before, the Action Group would object to any change of use, as will most residents. So at present it’s just a building, as the ACV covers the whole of it.”

An online survey is gathering views about the pub and its role in the community at

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