Brighton’s beautiful rare leek

Posted On 22 Jul 2014 at 2:14 pm
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Continuing on from yesterday’s overgrown onion, today we are delighted to bring you news of a rare leek growing on Brighton seafront.

Babington's Leek by Graeme Lyons

Babington’s Leek by Graeme Lyons

The Babington’s Leek is a beautiful allium native to Britain, but not commonly found.

But every July and August, its beautiful purple flowers can be found growing alongside the Volk’s Railway.

This picture was taken by local naturalist Graeme Lyons, who wrote about it on his blog The Lyons Den.

He wrote: “Amazingly, having lived here on and off for 18 years, half my life, I only saw it yesterday (Saturday 19 July).

“This is for a number of reasons – it flowers in the July and August when I always feel burned out and lose interest in wildlife.

“There are way too many tourists in this part of the city so it’s not usually a place I feel I want to visit.

“Most perilously, there are literally hundreds of pubs to walk past and they are very inviting in this heat.”




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