Lightning illuminates Brighton i360

Posted On 02 Jul 2015 at 1:36 am

It’s not really news – but it’s a great picture.

Jessica Shell captured a lightning strike which lit up the Brighton i360 which is currently being built on the seafront. She took the photo on Tuesday (30 June).

There may have been storms out to sea but it’s stayed hot and dry ashore with temperatures topping 90F – or up into the thirties in new money.

Although it was humid this evening, temperatures cooled. Forecasters suggested that they could hover around 16C – or just over 60F.

Council covid support

With a few more hot days in prospect – though not quite as hot – forecasters have advised that people drink enough to stay hydrated, stick to the shade and cover up.

  1. Fred Reply

    This is dangerously alarming is it not! Can you imagine all the cooked tourist at the top of this tower when it is struck again and again by vengeance of the skies!!

  2. Gerald Wiley Reply

    Not wanting to damage a private business such as, but the lightning strike was far out to sea and could not have caused the illumination shown on the i360. I would guess the i360 was just being lit by land based street lights.

  3. sasquatch Reply

    Shame it didnt blow it off the face of the earth whilst kitkat was standing next to it. What a lovely thought.

  4. anonymous Reply

    A sign of terrible things to come…

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