Key Brighton road closed as police break up overnight rave

Posted On 16 Apr 2017 at 11:01 am

A key road between Falmer and Woodingdean has been closed while Sussex Police break up an overnight rave.

The police were called out shortly before 3am by people living near the site off the B2123 Falmer Road.

The road has been closed for several and at 10am today (Sunday 16 April) the police were unsure how long it would take to disperse the crowd and deal with the scene.

A spokesman said: “There’s been an incident that’s meant we’ve had to close the road and it’ll be closed for some time. We don’t know how long.”

Traffic was diverted via Lewes Road, Brighton.

  1. mrs whitley Reply

    its easter sunday and people need the road to reach relatives…..I travelled from woodingdean to lewes via rodmell….back to woodingdean and on to Worthing via the coast road ….am now back in woodingdean [just] and have to get ready to go to dinner with my grandchildren in hove….the road should at least be open one lane.

  2. John hammer Reply

    There was literally no need to close that road. The rave was contained, further vehicles could not access the site. Why the police chose to close the road i don’t know

  3. Charlie Bones Reply

    They may of had a party in Hangmans wood aka Newmarket plantation.Just hope they don’t leave any mess, they didn’t last time.Bit of overkill there from the police shutting off the road, it may of had the effect of stopping a few more party goers from attending but completely wrecked our morning meaning it took an extra half hour to get to Lewes. Stopping people from having a good time is not a valid excuse for closing a main road.

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